Legos are being discovered by more adults

Many of us still remember fondly our childhood memories of building Lego items. These timeless bricks not only made it fun to play, but also helped improve our fine motor skills and taught us how to solve problems.

Many adult Lego sets are designed for older adults, making them a popular choice. Some of the Best Lego sets For AdultsYou might find mature themes or characters from old sitcoms in the London skyline. SeinfeldOr Friends. But why are adults turning to kids’ toys, and what are the benefits?


Why Legos Are So Fun

Because of its fun factor, Lego is a popular choice among adults. It’s exciting to open a box with hundreds or even thousands of pieces, then use your skill and imagination to transform them into a spaceship or racing car.

Building is a challenging task that stimulates creativity and stimulates the brain. Although most builders follow the instructions to build a set, they find it easier and more fun to make something from scratch with the pieces.

How Legos Can Help Stress Relief

Even more serious, many adults use Lego as a way to unwind and disconnect from the stresses of their daily lives. Similar to adult coloring books, Lego isn’t demanding and doesn’t require intense concentration, and it provides a welcome distraction from life’s worries.

With no pressure or time limits, it’s easy to take a few minutes out of a stressful day to work on a build, or experiment with different pieces. Unlike sports and competitive hobbies, there’s no worrying about performance or what other people think.

Lego proudly promotes its stress-relief properties. According to the company’s audience marketing strategist, Genevieve Capa Cruz, “Adults with high-pressured jobs are telling us they’re using Lego to disconnect from the mania of the day. They’re looking for a relaxing, calming experience — and they like instructions because that’s what helps them be in the zone.”

How Legos Are a Hot Collectible

Just like Funko Pops and other pop culture collectibles, Lego’s massive range includes everything from BatmanTo Star Wars, so there’s something for every fan. Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars sets can also be purchased by the company. These sets have larger models and more attention to detail to appeal specifically to serious fans.

The right Lego set can help collectors make a lot of money. studiesAccording to estimates, some sets will increase in value by around 11 percent per annum. Many collectors will pay a premium if they are able to purchase limited editions or sell out their sets.

One example is the 14-carat-gold C-3PO figurine. It was released in 2007. Each figurine now sells at $300,000. Lego only made five of these figurines. It’s a massive increase considering the $26,000 launch price, but that’s supply and demand economics.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that most Lego won’t increase in value despite being fun to collect. The best selling sets are those with limited editions or retired sets from popular franchises.

How Legos are Marketed To Adults

There’s nothing like good old-fashioned marketing to attract more customers. Lego targets the adult market to increase its sales and interest in their products. It also promotes its stress-relief benefits to increase its sales. It even has a TV show called Lego MastersThis is where players compete against one another to build the best building.

Another way Lego markets their products is through nostalgia. Many of the Best Lego sets For AdultsThey still feature popular shows from the nineties.

Lego targets adults who can afford to spend more money on their sets. Many of the more expensive sets are prohibitively expensive and out of reach for most kids. Parents are reluctant to spend so much on toys when they know that the pieces could disappear after only a few days.

Deciding which Lego set is best

With so many adult Lego sets available, there’s a multitude to choose from, and you can go for simple architectural sets like the Statue of Liberty or more fun stuff like the Friends Central Perk café. It’s important to have fun and let your imagination flow.

Source: Legos are being discovered by more adults

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