TikTok ‘Orbeez challenge’Eyed in Bronx Murder of Teen

According to The Daily News, police are investigating a TikTok viral trend that sees pranksters using water pellet guns to attack innocent victims. This could be a catalyst for the death a Bronx teenager.

The “Orbeez challenge”It can be seen in many online videos, including one where a TikToker shoots beads at an NYPD officer.

Dion Middleton, 45, a cityRaymond Chaluisant (18), who was riding in a silver Acura, is being accused of shooting a correction officer in the head. Sources claim that an Orbeez pistol fell from Chaluisant’s lap when the car door was opened.

The victim’s sister said he and his friends were simply participating in a neighborhood water gun fight. However, viral videos have shown that water gun battles in the country are more socially connected.

The Orbeez challenge is reminiscent of previous viral trends, such as the knockout game — which involved sucker-punching random pedestrians — and the water toss — which involved drenching cops with buckets of water.

The Orbeez Challenge is where you point your toy gun at strangers. It’s undoubtedly more dangerous.

Police stated that the NYPD traffic officer was shot with similar pellets approximately half an hour before 18-year-old was killed.

The NYPD issued a tweet warning about the situation that evening. “bead blasters”Toy guns that shoot gel water beads using compressed air.

“Violators found in possession of these will be issued a criminal summons & the weapon will be confiscated,”According to the NYPD.

Friday afternoon’s police response was a tweet with photos of three bead blasters that were confiscated.

One viral video shows a NYPD officer being attacked and beaten by a troublemaker with the same type of gun. The hooligan laughed at the cop as he closed in.

“Look at this dumb n—-r,”The shooter responds to his firing beads at him by saying. “Look at him!”

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Another video shows someone pointing a gun at Bronx Supreme Court officers, but it doesn’t appear that anything was fired.

Chaluisant’s killing could be the second in the cityThe viral challenge was also mentioned.

Eduardo Bonillas was 41 years old when he was driving his pickup truck over the Washington Bridge between Manhattan & the Bronx.

According to police sources Bonilla was playing with a gun toy with his friend earlier in the day. Sources said that detectives are investigating the possibility Bonilla’s firing at someone later caught up with him, and eventually killed him.

Similar events have been witnessed across the country. In New Mexico, five teens were Apparently, they were arrestedAfter shooting the pellets at a girls’ soccer club.

Last month, a group shot a gel-bead gun at Ohio basketball players. It sparked a conflictThis led to the death of a 17-year-old.

A Deltona, Fla. 19-year-old used what police called “a felony.” “a”March “toy blaster”To shoot an gun Amazon driver with his glasses and neck. The suspect is also accused of shooting two other people, including a 10-year-old boy in the chest.

Source: TikTok ‘Orbeez challenge’Eyed in Bronx Murder of Teen

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