The Best Bath Bombs for Children

We’ve all been part of the same nightly scene: Your little one negotiates for justFive more minutesPlaytime is their best time before they have to go to the dreaded bathtub. And once they’re in? They don’t want to get out. Here’s what you need to do: Toss in a bath bomb. A bath bomb will suffice to get your child in the bathtub. And the best bath bombs for kids not only add exciting fizziness to the bath, they’re also made with nourishing ingredients, soothing scents to aid in bedtime, or include a surprise toy inside for the most bath-resistant kiddos.

What bath bombs can be used safely by children?

It is almost impossible to have fun. Safety is a concern. Bath bombs are generally safe to be usedAccording to Poison Control it is. Bath bombs are made from baking soda and citric acids. Epsom salt could also be used. Keep an eye out! Skin irritation from any of the extrasYou can avoid essential oils or dyes if your child is sensitive to skin. It’s also a good idea to use bath bombs occasionally — not every day — and rinse off of your kid’s skin and the tubWhen bathtime ends.

What to look out when shopping for the best kids bath bombs

Each bath bomb is unique because of the toy included with it. Many bath bombs now dissolve to real toys inside, and you can have fun customizing to your kiddo’s interest, from dinos and unicorns to safari animals and more. But it’s important to note that these trinkets can be choking hazards for little ones, so it’s best to give them to kids 3 years and up Safe for children aged 3 and up, since they’re less likely to put toys in their mouths. If you’re concerned about sensitive skin or plumbing issues, go for a simpler bath bomb with fewer ingredients; look for dye-free or fragrance-free options.

This is what you need to keep in mind when you read on for the best baby bath bombs. Bath time is about to get a whole lot easier — and fun — for both of you.

Are you in a hurry to get your bath bombs on? These are our top picks for the best kids bath bombs.

1. The Best Dinosaur Bath Bombs: STARYAR bath bombs

2. The Cult Fave Has Over 25,000 Reviews: Gift Set INTEYE Bath Bombs

3. These simple lavender bath bombs are perfect for you: Lagunamoon Organic Bath Bombs


The Cult Faves has more than 25,000 reviews

Nearly 19,000 customers already acknowledged the acknowledgement Gift set INTEYE bath bombsApproval from five stars They’re made with essential oils, shea and cocoa butters, and coconut oil and come in bright colors kids will enjoy. They don’t contain surprise toys, so this might be a good option for older kids who probably have other bath toys to go with this fizzy fun. And it’s worth noting you get 24 bombs in this set — that’s quite a bit more than most sets on this list.

Review: “My wife made the mistake of buying a fancy bath bomb and popped one into the tub with my toddler who went crazy for it! He calls them bath surprises and now gets really sad if we don’t put one in the tub. As much as I love him I wasn’t going to spend seven bucks every time he took a bath. Then I found these. Perfect. They work great, color the water, smell great and he loves the fizz and they do not break the bank by a long shot. Thanks for an affordable answer!”


These fun and colorful Dino Bath Bombs are available with additional fun features

The exhibit will appeal to children who love dinosaurs. Staryar organic dinosaur bath bombs. Most likely, your child has used one of these dinosaur egg digging toys. The kids dig out an artificial dinosaur eggs from the ground, leaving behind a lot of mess. Your child can now have the same fun in the tub. As the colorful bath bomb eggs melt, the dinosaur toy emerges. Each egg is infused with shea butter, essential oil, and other ingredients. This set includes nine learning cards and temporary tattoos.

Review: “I’ve bought a few other bath bombs for my grandson, but these bath bombs are by far the best I’ve ever bought. The colors are really good, the dinosaurs inside the bath bombs are not tiny and hard, these dinosaurs are soft and big and the bath bombs soften the water. My grandson is 3 years old and he loves taking a bath at Nana’s house because I try to keep them around.”


This set of dessert-themed bathroom bombs

The Bath bombs by AofmeeThey look just as delicious as their smell and come in delicious shapes that kids love, such donuts or cupcakes. They are available in delicious scents such as strawberry, vanilla, lavender, Shea, mango and papaya. They are sure to be loved by your child. These bath bombs, which are made from cocoa butter or shea butter, have vitamins A, E, F to moisturize skin.

Review: “We really love these bath bombs! They smell amazing and are really cute. I love that they come in a cute container and especially that it comes with a tool to help open them! My daughter took a bath with the cupcake celebration one, and her skin was SO SOFT afterwards! I would recommend for sure!”


These Glittery Bath Bombs are adorned with a Jewelry-Themed Surprise

These unicorn bath bombsThese are perfect for little jewelry-lovers or children who are obsessed about unicorns. Each bath bomb comes with a barrette or ring, a necklace or bracelet, or a hair tie. They come in a nine-pack, are made with essential oils and coconut oil, as well as a hair tie. With their unique scents of blueberry, bubblegum and peppermint, they will make your bath sparkle and vibrant.

Review: “My daughter was so infatuated once she realized a surprise popped out of her bath bomb. You end up with unicorn colored water, a good surprise inside such as a ring.. Jewelry.. hair ties, and one happy child :)”


These Primary Color Bath Bombs are for Color Exploration

The Spa-Da kids bath bombsThese bath bombs are great for budding artists. They can be mixed together to create unique mixes. These bath bombs contain essential oils. They come in three colours: red, yellow, and blue. This encourages kids mix and match colors. We love the simplicity of the packaging of bath bombs, which come packaged in a plastic bag that can be resealable.

Review: “I don’t usually write reviews but I was so pleased with this product that I had to share! My daughter has lots of allergies and eczema and for so long we kept bath bombs from her, but our eldest daughter got to use them from time to time and she always looked envious. After finding these for a little Valentines’s Day gift, she is having zero adverse reaction as far as allergies and eczema, but more than that she’s having a blast being included in the fizzy bath time fun! I love that we get to support this business as well. We will purchase again!”


Bright Bath Bomb Set With Animal Toys

These Excalla bath bombsEach one has a fun animal surprise and bright colours. They’re made with essential oils, shea and coconut butters, and 12 different scents, including vanilla, chamomile, and strawberry.

Review: “I have three little boys, and they just LOVED these! Instead of fighting bath time, they now beg to take baths! They smell great, turn the water a fun color, and the toy inside, although it is just tiny, is apparently VERY exciting!”


These Lavender Bath Bombs Are Non-Dye

Check out the for fizzy fun without frills Lagunamoon bath bombs. They don’t have dyes and come in a simple, soothing lavender scent to calm your little one down before bedtime. They’re made with essential oils, like lavender and tea tree, and shea butter and coconut and sunflower seed oils to soothe skin.

Review: “Our kiddos love these! I was a bit hesitant to go the bath bomb route because they have sensitive skin, but we rinse off quickly post-bath, and we’re good to go! They love the toys & would highly recommend!”


The Bath Bombs That Make a Bubble Bath

If it’s bubbles your kids want, look no further than the Two Sisters Spa bubble bombs. They make the bath bubble and fizz. This means kids will have more fun discovering the surprises toys they release. Toys include rings, balloons rings, rings, rings, and bouncey balls. These bath bombs contain essential oils. They are available in six vibrant colors as well as fun scents like banana and grape. These can also be found in themed scents and designs that are suitable for holidays or other interests.

Review: “These are our favorite bath bombs for kids… and we’ve tried a LOT! Our youngest has sensory processing disorder so baths are an integral part of her calming down at the end of the day.. she LOVES her bath bombs and bubble baths, even better when she can combine both and get a cute prize!”


This Set of Mini Bath Bombs

This package includes 30 bath Bombs PickMora organic mini bath bomb set, you’ll have plenty for kids that really need the bath time motivation or if you have more than one kiddo. Six different scents are included in the set. It is made with essential oils, shea butter, and organic coconut oil. These oils are small and can be used in one bath. You can also enjoy the lighter fizz.

Review: “In love with this product. My son loves bath bombs and these hit the mark on so many ways: price, no mess, and don’t irritate his skin. We will be adding these to auto ship!”


The Best Bath Bomb Set for Your Kids

Are you looking to buy a complete set of bath bombs, and other items for your loved ones? You’ll want these Comfso Bath Bombs. The set contains 10 bath Bombs made with shea Butter and essential oils. Six of them are cute, such as a donut, heart, or cupcake shape, while six come in fun shapes. The cube-shaped ones are great for a spa-like soak.

Review: “Love these!!! Got them for my 5 yr old daughter and she loves them. They are cool shapes and colors and smell great and they even come with a handy tool to help you open the packaging which is always a frustration of mine – unwrapping bath bombs. I highly recommend these.”


These Jungle-Themed Toys for Kids Bath Bombs Are A Hit With Kids

These Bath bombs made with fruit These products are made with organic shea oil and essential oils and have a surprise jungle-animal scent. They are available in bright colors, and customers love the fruity scents such as sweet orange vanilla or pineapple coconut. “smell amazing.”

Review: “These bath bombs are the bomb. My boys,4 and 8 year old, absolutely loves them. The balls are just the right size and are individually wrapped. They have a nice fizz and spins on the water surface which my kids really enjoy.”

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