The 11 Best Kitten Toys


Kittens love to play, so make sure they have lots of toys. This is a great way to let your kittens explore new areas and get rid of boredom. The best kitten toys harness your pet’s natural instincts to chase, jump, scratch, and chew. Your kitten should be able to tap into these instincts in a safe way can help them grow into a happy, well-rounded cat — not to mention one who knows how to Play with toysInstead of human feet or hands. There are many kittens available. toys available, it’s important to figure out your kitten’s idea of fun before you get shopping.

The best way to choose a kitten toys might take some trial and error, but thinking about your pet’s motivations is a good starting point. Some kittens love toys that feel or look like prey. Others prefer to chew on things they can chew. To grab their attention, you can give them toys that creak, creak, and reflect light. These are just some of the other options. Toys Catnip or TreatsThis can be used to entice cats who are food-motivated to play.

When shopping for your kitten, it is important that you consider how much time they will need. These are some facts about kittens. toys can keep your kitten busy all on their own, while others require you to maneuver them — either way, be sure to supervise your cat while they play to prevent accidents. Small parts can cause your kitten’s to choke or inhale toys. Toys are strong enough to withstand prolonged rough play without breaking down. If they do break down, they can be easily replaced.

Get ready for some epic kitten chases and dive rolls — here are some of the best cat toys Amazon has your little one covered.


Fan-favorite Fabric Wand

Many wand-style toys like to lure kittens into play with feathers, tiny bells, and other objects that aren’t always safe for them or can quickly break off. Based on more than 15,000 reviews, this colorful toy earned a 4.8 star rating. Toys for cats is designed to be simple and safe for cats of all ages. The wand is made of approximately 4 feet of rainbow-colored, colorfast fabric cats can paw at and chase. The fabric will respond when you move. “dance,”This will make your cat move.

One reviewer wrote, “Our four month old kitten loves this safe and durable wand (no feathers or other choking hazards). Fun for hours at a great price! I highly recommend for any active kitten or cat.”


Jumpy Cat Springs

These multicolored cat springs look modest, but you might be surprised at the amount of fun They can provide food to your kitten. Spring them into action by pressing the ends between your thumb and index finger, then release them — but they’ll move plenty when your kitten swats at them, too. Each spring is carefully cut by hand to avoid sharp edges. Each spring comes in a pack of 12 and is available in blue, green, or pink.

One reviewer wrote, “My 4 month old kitten will play with one spring until he’s too tired to play. I’ve never seen a kitten play with a toy so consistently or so long!”


A Circular Track With Balls That Won’t Get Lost

Even though your kitten may love to chase the balls, it can become exhausting when they get lost. This is what you need to do: Three-tier cat track toy. The track’s bright orange color features three distinct tiers each with a multicolored patterned balls. While the balls roll whenever pawed, they won’t escape the track. The track is designed to make sure your kitten can safely play. The track has a safety barrier at its top to prevent your kitten from climbing into the middle. The toy also comes with an additional benefit. It takes almost no effort from your part.

If three tiers isn’t enough for your kitten and you have a few more bucks in your budget, you can opt for a Four-tier cat track for even more levels of fun.

One reviewer wrote, “My 3 kittens love this thing and what’s really great is that the balls will never get lost. The fact that it’s 3 tried is great, can have all 3 play at once or 1 try and catch all 3 balls. Keeps them entertained for hours.”


A Stuffed Mouse That Squeaks

This stuffed mouse toy looks like the real thing — and it makes squeaky noises to match. A five-month-old kitten reviewer said that this interactive toy was her favorite out of all the toys she owned. “by far, the mouse is her fave.” The mouse toy is covered in faux fur, and while it contains an electronic component, it’s located inside the toy, and out of your kitten’s immediate reach. All in all, it’s a natural fit for kittens who love to hunt.

One reviewer wrote, “My 5 cats LOVE this mouse […] Very popular! It gets passed around daily. Still chirping, and in 1 piece. Tough little guy-I will buy another when this one finally dies.”


A Value Pack of Crinkly balls

This product is made from a material that has crackles. Pack of crinkle balls will keep kittens with a penchant for chasing shiny, crinkly things entertained. Each ball measures 1.5 inches wide It is made of mylar, which can be a type of material. Strong polyester film. They are also available in 12 packs for a very reasonable price. If you’re looking to stockpile, the 24-pack is a better option.

One reviewer wrote, “All my foster cats and kittens have loved these. Bright colors, good sounds, and fun for them to bat and hunt.”


A pack of Curved Sratchers

If you have a kitten who needs a place to scratch (a place that’s Not your furniture), this two-pack of Cat scratchers is an easy solution. The scratchers are made out of cardboard and have a curved shape that can be used either as a lounger or bridge, depending on your kitten’s preference. To encourage scratching and exploration, you can sprinkle catnip on the scratchers. These are smaller scratchers than full-grown cats, so they’re a good fit for kittens.

One reviewer wrote, “We adopted an 11 week old kitten and he is a huge fan of these. He likes it more in the bridge position than the couch position and gets some good scratches in on it throughout the day. He also likes to just sleep on it, which is totally fine too. For price and the fact there are two (one for upstairs and one for downstairs), we would highly recommend.”


A Moving Fish and a Catnip Pouch

This Interactive cat toy offers something many kittens can’t resist: movement. The toy looks almost exactly like a fish, and the tail flips and flips when it is kicked or petted at. “Great toy!”One reviewer raved about the product. “I love that it can lie here inert for hours until the cat paws it then springs to life.”

You can also put catnip inside the pouch if your cat needs it. The electronic components are hidden inside the toy, which is made of kitten-safe plush. It is secured with a hook-and-loop closure. The USB cable included can be used for charging the toy. There’s a light that will indicate when the toy is fully charged by going from red to green.

One reviewer wrote, “Our 8 week old kitten loves it. The flip-flopping action [activates] her hunting instincts and she fights with it helping to shed off some of that boundless kitten energy. It charges quickly in a couple hours and lasts all day. We bought another that way she’s always got one charged. We just leave it on the floor and she attacks it randomly throughout the day or when one of us gives it a little tap to get her attention.”


A Tunnel that Collapses with a Dangling Bell

This collapsible was made for kittens who like to hide and seek. cat tunnel is sure to please. It’s made out of tear-resistant polyester, and the spring frame is fitted with protective tips to keep it from piercing through the polyester. The tunnel has two entrance points, as well as a hole at its middle where you can hang a tool or toy. One reviewer loved the tunnel. “I love that I can collapse it easily and put it away when needed.”

The tunnel also features a red ball hanging above one of the entryways for your feline to play with — but some reviewers have noted that their cats were able to rip the ball off. The tunnel is safe for your kitten. To get rid the ball like a shopper, you can also cut off the string. This version is simpler than the three-holed version.

One reviewer wrote, “My 3 month old kitten LOVES this! If you can’t find her you know she is in the tunnel. This was the best buy I made for my little kitty.”


A Dental Toy That’s Designed For Chewing

If your kitten loves to chew, give it something to chew. can Take a deep inhale and enjoy the aroma. plush chew toy. It’s shaped like a pretzel and covered in a mesh material that helps keep your kitty’s chompers and gums clean and healthy. One reviewer reported, “My 3-month-old kitten just started teething and we were worried that he was going to chew cords and/or our couch. We got this pretzel in the mail yesterday and he [has] been chewing and playing with it nonstop (when he’s not sleeping).”To encourage chewing, the toys are also filled with catnip. It’s not your home.

One reviewer wrote, “Best teething toy invented for kittens/cats! […] Right out of the package my kitten knew what it was for began to chew. Seems indestructible (only had it a short time). I ordered two more!”


Laser pointer, hands-free and with a timer

This is hands-free interactive laser toy emits a beam of bright red light that moves around the room to keep your kitten entertained. This toy is ideal for cats with lots of energy and of all ages. You can choose from three settings: slow, fast, and random — and when in the random mode, the machine will automatically shut off after 15 minutes. One shopper described, “My kitty never tires of this toy and the auto shut off is perfect for bed time.” To get it up and running, you’ll just need to snag three AA batteries separately.

One reviewer wrote, “This was the best toy purchase I have made for my 8 month old kitten ever! It keeps her entertained for the whole 15 minutes that it’s running, and I love that it turns off itself, because she’s already tuckered out by then!”


A puzzle toy that can be filled with Kibble

If food is your kitten’s main motivator, this Puzzle feeder toy is a great option. It can be used to provide treats, kibble, and small toys for your kitten. It is available in two sizes. It is made from BPA-free plastic and has a rubber base to hold it in place.

One reviewer wrote, “Kittens love it! […] The right amount of challenge for them to get the treats at the bottom of the cups. They enjoy it!”

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