Netflix April 2022 – All the upcoming movies and shows| All the upcoming shows and films

Later, a Spanish thriller scandalous EliteThe fifth season of the drama series returns with more drama for students at Las Encinas, a private school exclusive to Latin Americans.

Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Laura Linney return towards end of the month to complete the final episodes in the crime saga OzarkThis will tell if the Byrdes make it out alive after their treacherous line.

The new projects include The Bubble, the JuddApatow showbiz comedy The Bubble featuring a star cast, and a glossy drama miniseries. Anatomy and Mechanism of a ScandalCatherine Tate’s new mockumentary-style sitcom.

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Friday, April 1, 2009

The Bubble (L-R) Guz Khan, Keegan Michael Key. Pedro Pascal, Karen Gillan. Leslie Mann. David Duchovny. Iris Apatow. Netflix

Trivia Quest Episode 1:Interactive trivia series where viewers can answer multiple choice questions to help fictional characters in a fantasy land. Each episode will contain 24 questions (12 standard and 12 hard) and will be available every day through April.

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood (2022): Richard Linklater (Boyhood) directs this coming-of-age drama set against the 1969 moon landing. The historic moment is seen through the eyes of astronauts and scientists, as well as a young boy from Houston.

Get Organized With The Home Edit season 2 Clea Shiarer, Joanna Teplin and more are back on this lifestyle series. This show provides tips and tricks to help people organize their homes.

The Bubble (2022). Judd Apatow’s star-studded meta comedy stars a cast of actors trapped in a pandemic bubble while filming an action blockbuster. Karen Gillan (partem of the cast).Doctor WhoMaria BakalovaBorat Subsequent Moviefilm), Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and David Duchovny (The Chair).

Celeb Five: Behind the Curtain Celeb Five, a Korean comedy group, is behind this meta comedy. This meta comedy is based on skits, improv, and the idea of a behind the scenes brainstorming session.

The Last Bus season 1 A fantasy for children in which the world’s population is virtually erased by a few AI-controlled orbs that a tech billionaire has created (played By The Umbrella AcademyRobert Sheehan

Season 1 of Welcome to Eden Spanish drama about five teens invited on an epic party to an idyllic island. However, things are not always as they seem.

Season 1 of Beyblade Burst Surge Based on the children’s favorite toy, anime series.

Stunt Science season 1. Reality series that explains how science can explain amazing stunts.

Captain Nova (2022). Sci-fi film about a fighter jet pilot who travels back in time to avoid an apocalyptic future.

Battle: Freestyle (2022). Sequel to the 2018 romantic drama about the relationship between two ballet dancers.

In Good Company (2004) Romcom starring Scarlett Johansson.

Pet Sematary (1989). Horror movie based upon Stephen King novel.

Rise of the Footsoldier Part II (2015) Belated sequel of 2007 gangster film, starring Ricci Harnett as Carlton Leach.

The Women (2008) Comedy with stars about a New Yorker who discovers her husband is having an affair.

Sunday, 3 April

Confession (2022). Colm Meaney stars in this dark drama about an apostate confession of religion that leads to a series horrors.

Monday, April 4

The Goldfinch (2019). Period drama about a young man who is taken in by a wealthy family following the sudden death of his mother. Ansel Elgort (West Side Story) and Nicole Kidman (Nine Perfect Strangers) star.

Wednesday 6th April

The Ultimatum – Marry, or Move on season 1 New reality series featuring unmarried couples. Each couple will spend eight consecutive weeks with a new partner, before making a decision on their future.

Michela Giraud – I swear the truth!: Comedy special from the Italian standup. Filmed in Rome.

Pálpito season 1: Telenovela in Spanish, which focuses on illegal trade of human organs.

Friday, 8 April

Elite season 5: The latest installment in this hit teen thriller features a group of teens from different backgrounds attending a prestigious school in Spain.

Tiger & Bunny season 2: The anime series has been extended. It aired its 2nd season in 2011, followed by 2 spinoff films. The show shows a world where superheroes exist and are supported financially by corporate sponsors. Tiger and Bunny are conflicting partners, so a lot of attention is paid to cases they take on board.

Season 2 of Green Eggs & Ham The animated series is inspired by Dr Seuss’ book and features more family adventures.

Season 1 of Dirty Lines Drama series about two brothers who set up Europe’s first erotic telephone service in the 1980s.

Metal Lords (2022). Teen comedy-drama by DB Weiss, Game of Thrones. It is about two high school students that form a band to play heavy metal despite the fact they are not interested in it.

Dancing on Glass (2022). Spanish drama about two ballerinas’ friendship.

The In Between (2022).Sci-fi romance stars The Kissing BoothJoey King.

Yaksha: Unscrupulous Operations (2022). Spy action film from South Korea featuring the leader of a Black Ops team in Shenyang (China)

Monday 11th April

Joker (2019): Psychological thriller starring Joaquin Phoenix, the villain Batman.

Tuesday, 12 April

Catherine Tate in Hard Cell Netflix

Season 1 of Hard Cell Catherine Tate created this mockumentary, which takes place in a fictional women’s prison. The comedian appears in several roles. The show is performed by inmates who are practicing musicals to be performed at the facility.

Wednesday 13th April

Season 2: Almost Happy The long-awaited return to Argentine comedy shows. This is the result the messy personal, professional and professional lives of a radio host.

Our Great National Parks This docuseries celebrates five continents’ most extraordinary national parks and is narrated by former President Barack Obama.

Thursday, April 14

Ultraman season 2 The anime series’ latest installment follows the son Ultraman and the new warriors, who team up to fight extraterrestrial threats.

Friday, April 15th

Anatomy of a Scandal – Rupert Friend & Sienna Miller Netflix

Anatomy and Mechanism of a Scanal Big Little LiesAnd The UndoingThis miniseries, which combines courtroom drama with psychological thriller, was created by David E Kelley. The story is about a marriage between a minister and a barrister that becomes scandalous when a shocking secret is revealed. Rupert Friend, Homeland; Sienna Miller,The Loudest Voice) star.

Choose or Die (2022): Asa Butterfield (Sex EducationBritish horror film stars () as the lead actor. It tells the story of two friends who are taken to a surreal place by a mysterious videogame they have re-bought.

Wednesday 20th April

Russian Doll Season 2 The return of the mind-bending comedy drama is long-awaited. Nadia (Natashalyonne), Alan (Charlie Barnett), Nadia (Charlie Barnett), stumble across a portal that allows for them to access their pasts.

Friday 22 April

Heartstopper Netflix

Heartstopper: This series is based on Alice Oseman’s graphic novels. The story follows two schoolboys who form an unlikely friendship, which soon blossoms into love.

Take along (2022) Romantic drama about two teenage insomniacs who spend their nights in pursuit of carefree antics, just weeks before they leave for college.

Wednesday 27th April

Silverton Siege (2022): This drama is inspired from a true story about activists who invaded a bank in South Africa.

Thursday, 28th April

Bubble (2022): Anime takes places in a near future Tokyo, where the cityParkour has been made possible by the loss of loved ones. This backdrop will forever change the world. Two players make a discovery.

Friday, 29 April

Part 2 of Ozark season 4, Episode: The fate of their criminal family will be revealed by Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in the crime thriller.

Honeymoon with my Mom (2022) Spanish-language comedy. The title is quite self-explanatory.

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