‘My House Loves Paw Patrol’ – Fans Absolutely Adore Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia’s Customized ‘Mini Goat’ Hoodie

Serena Williams met Alexis Ohanian in Rome and found her soulmate in him. Williams first met Alexis Ohanian during a tournament. Their relationship has grown from trying scare Ohanian away to eventually getting married. Williams and Ohanian were married in 2017.


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Olympia was also born in the same year. The five-year-old receives showers of adoration from the entire tennis fraternity and is fans’ favorite. Speaking of which, here’s the social media update from her handle that garnered floods of reaction.


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Fans react to Olympia’s new picture

The 23 times Grand Slam champion’s daughter recently posed with Paw Patrol’s characters dolled in a black mini GOAT hoodie, back track pants and white Nike shoes. She shined in that outfit and touched many hearts. It was a beautiful look, even though some may not agree with it. wrote, “She looks and has the same facial expression as her dad.”

Others complimented her growth and how beautiful she looked.Mini GOAT“.

“Wow, she is getting taller every time I see a photo of her beautiful little girl.”

“Oh, how cute! And so grown up.”


“You are growing up so nicely.”

“Love the shirt. She’s adorable.”

I love the Sneakers PrettyGirl!

“Hi pretty girl. I love your outfit. Can I borrow it?”


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5 days ago

Paw Patrol enthusiasts joined the conversation in her comments section. They wrote: “Who’s your fave? Mine is Rubble!”

“How exciting my house LOVES paw patrol! Yes, she is!! Yessss Paw Patrol.”

“Those pups will remember this day for the rest of their lives.”

“Where is this at? Would love to take my grandkids.”

Serena Williams joins Olympia as a pool play date


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The seven-time Wimbledon champion hung up her racket this season. She said goodbye to her over 25-year-long marvellous career in the hard courts of the US Open after incurring a third-round defeat against the Aussie Ajla Tomljanović.

Tennis – A Day at the Drive Exhibition – Memorial Drive Tennis Club, Adelaide, Australia – January 29, 2021 Serena Williams of the U.S. with her daughter and husband at A Day at The Drive REUTERS/Morgan Sette

She now puts her energy and focus on her family and her business. A few days back, she took her daughter to a pool play date in order to introduce her to Ciara’s daughter.


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Williams and Level Up singer have known each other for a while. They even shared a pregnancy together. The 41-year-old was also tied to tennis, so she didn’t get the chance to meet Olympia.

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