Mums are going mad for a huge Paw Patrol sale in Morrisons with goodies worth £100 marked down to £30

Paw Patrol is a popular choice for young children’s parents.

Now we can tell you that Morrisons has reduced its Paw Patrol goodies range – even though it is based on the films.


One mum picked up all this for just £31Credit: Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Deals UK

Parents are understandably delighted about it with one woman revealing she had scooped $106 worth of goods for her son’s birthday for just £31.

People loved her and rushed to see Morrison’s.

She said: “Morrisons have sold off Paw Patrol Movie stuff.

All of this should have been £106 and it came to £31 so I managed to save £75 for my little boy’s birthday in a few weeks.

“The big cars were £4.50 from £15.

“True metal cars were £1.50 from £5 Figures were £2 from £7 And the little boxes were £1 from £3.”

People are showing off their receipts


People proudly display their receiptsCredit: Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Deals UK
This woman scored all this


This woman achieved all of this.Credit: Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Deals UK

Other parents also raced to get bargains as did their children.

“Thank you so much!”It was said by a mother. “I managed to pop to my local one today and got my little boy this lot. Will try another one tomorrow to try and get the big vehicles he hasn’t got.”

A second: “I got one of the die cast cars and three figures. It’s only the paw patrol movie stuff. They didn’t have any in my nearest Morrison’s but we went to another one and they had these four things.”

Many people commented, with many saying they were already on their way to the supermarket.

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Source: Mums are going mad for a huge Paw Patrol sale in Morrisons with goodies worth £100 marked down to £30

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