LEGO Star Wars summer 2021 set: UCS AT–AT, more


Update: Since our initial coverage, we’ve received first look at several upcoming Mandaloran kits, as well as two Clone Wars Creations

Summer is rapidly approaching. The lineup is coming together. After getting a first look at the wave from last week’s Bad Batch Shuttle debut, we’ve now confirmed some reports that indicate we’ll see a new UCS AT-ATThe film is accompanied with a series of sets that are centered on Mandalorian. For more information, please see below.

Last time, we were able to see what was at the top of the LEGO Star Wars summer LEGO Star Wars. This gave us a good idea of what to expect from this new collection. While some things were confirmed in January (such as the Bad Batch Shuttle and R2-D2, other items have been delayed, like the Republic Gunship.

As of now, all of the sets are slated to launch on September 1, similarly to when last year’s summer Wave was released. And while not specifically themed to a particular film or Disney+ season, now that we have an updated list of what to expect, it’s clear there is a heavy emphasis on the Mandalorian. But let’s dive in and check out all of the upcoming kits.

LEGO Star Wars summer 2021

UCS Republic Gunship

We’ll start by confirming what we know from the LEGO G

roup, we’ve already been privy to quite a bit of information on the upcoming UCS Republic Gunship. Since our March interview with LEGO Designers, we have now confirmed that the set will go on sale. $350 It has a total of 3,292 parts.

The minifigure Jedi Bob was not included in the set previously, much to our dismay. We now know which characters will be appearing. This is the appropriate theme for Attack of the Clones. UCS Republic Gunship will include Mace Windu as well as a minifigure of a Clone Captain.

Bad Batch Shuttle

When 9to5Toys received the first word about these upcoming Bad Batch Shuttles, it wasn’t yet confirmed. Group was able to confirm additional confirmations from other sources and unveil the LEGO set.

Let’s now move on to the next step. LEGO Group hasn’t officially confirmed yet.


The first time the rumors about the upcoming were revealed was when they were first discovered. The LEGO Star Wars sets were all talk about the latest brick-built demise. Star. But it looks like we’ll have to wait until later down the line to see a new version of the space station, as our latest reports indicate that the fall will see the launch of a different icon from the Galactic Empire.

Still scheduled for entry at $800Point of sale: This 6,782-piece creation is now allegedly the AT-AT. Fans have been asking for this vehicle for years. UCS We have waited for this moment for years. And now it seems that we are finally getting it. Given how lanky the vehicle is, it’s long been thought that the LEGO Although Group had difficulty making it a large model, it is now one of the most popular. It is possible that the bricks included with the launch will be able achieve this. Our current reports note that we’ll see a launch following the actual summer wave, with LEGO UCSAT-AT launches in time for Black Friday

As of now, this is the kit that we’re least certain of seeing launch this year. With the UCS Republic Gunship already being set in stone and the previous launch of the R2-D2, it’s rare to see three collectible sets of this caliber launch in a single year. Out of all of the potential sets, I’m not entirely sold that this will actually launch come fall.

Gideon’s Light Cruiser

The LEGO Star Wars Summer Wave’s largest creation is at the forefront. Gideon’s Light Cruiser from the Mandalorian. Featured throughout the latter portion of season two, the part count and overall size of this ship’s brick-built debut are still up in the air. We do know that it’ll clock in at $160 It also includes several minifigures including Mando and Moff Gideon. That’s alongside Cara Dune despite the actress no longer being involved with the series and an unconfirmed character, which will likely end up being a Dark Trooper minifig.

We’ve never seen a ship quite like this in LEGO form before, which is an apprenticed departure of the usual. So count on this being one of the year’s more popular creations from a galaxy far, far away, especially considering it’ll likely include quite a few exclusive minifigures.

A mockup courtesy Je hyung Lee, Flickr



Darth Vader Meditation Chamber

The Mandalorian themeing is no longer available. LEGO Group will also launch a new model this year. These kits are targeted at older builders this summer. Similar to the Bespin Duel set released last year as a limited-edition kit, we’ll be getting a 663-piece recreation of the Darth Vader Meditation Chamber from Empire Strikes Back.

The Vader figure is included in the kit and will make a great addition. Display-focused models have more detail than average kits. It is expected to clock in at$70The Sith Lord is also included in the mix, as well as two additional minifigures. Admiral Piett, the first brick-built Imperial officer, will join a typical stormtrooper.

Slave 1

Returning to Mandalorian theming 2021 LEGO Star Wars summer, we’re also getting the latest rendition of the Slave 1. While it’s still not set in stone on whether we’ll see a model updated specifically to fit in with season two of the series or the upcoming Book of Boba Fett Disney+ series, the set will be one of the smallest renditions of the bounty hunter’s ship to date.

Stacking up to 592 pieces, it’ll be a tad larger than the version included in 2018’s Betrayal at Cloud City set. It is $50Its price tag, which is a fraction compared to the commemorative 20th Anniversary release, is also very affordable. Star Wars wave Boba Fett is only included in terms of minifigures.

Mando Advent Calendar

Every summer Wave of LEGO Star Wars will see a new version of the annual Advent Calendar. 2021This year’s is no exception. Though in a first for the festive kit, this year’s will be themed quite heavily around the Mandalorian. It will include 335 pieces including the usual assortment of minifigures as well as miniature build at the. $40Price point

A mockup by Kevin Wollert. Flickr

Clock in at that time $40The Imperial Troop Transport from season 2 will also be available at lower prices. This 478-piece vehicle comes with a pair Stormtroopers, a Greef Karga, and mortar trooper.


Beskar Forge

One of the more iconic scenes from the Mandalorian, we’re also going to be getting a 258-piece set based around the Beskar Forge. It includes minifigures from Armorer and Heavy Infantry Mandalorian. It will retail at $199 $30. Hopefully, it’ll include some new printed 1 x 2 tiles with Beskar printing on them to really complete the set’s theme.

Duel on Mandalore

This is the most affordable set of the LEGO Star Wars The lineup summerOf 2021, we’re also getting a set based around the Clone Warsseries. Stacking up to 147 pieces, the Duel on Mandalore kit will depict Ahsoka Tano’s duel against Darth Maul and enters at a $20Price tag. Each minifigure comes with a brick-built model, as well other structures from this scene.

Brick Headz 150

And last up, it looks like we’re going to see the debut of the 150th BrickHeadz figure by the end of 2021Also. We have the results from last year here. LEGOIdeas votes for Star Wars. The milestone will be celebrated by the theme “Win”. Alongside being able to weigh in on which property would get the honor of being the 150th brick-built figure, fans would also note which character they’d like to see. Now that the results are in, it seems that Jar Jar Binks was the most popular.

It is not known if the Gungan will be seen in Brick Headz. The release should occur before the end of this year, it seems. Right now, we’re sitting at the 145th Brick Headz release with the recent Harry Potter kits, so it shouldn’t be long until the latest Star Wars One is not revealed.

More information on LEGO’s upcoming 2021 lineup

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