Jerry Bruckheimer And Paramount Producing Movie Based On Beyblade Toys – Deadline

EXCLUSIVELet it Rip Paramount will produce a live-action movie with Mr Blockbuster Jerry Bruckheimer, based on Beyblade, the toy franchise.

Gavin James and Neil Widener will be the scriptwriters. The plot details of the project are being kept secret.

The spinning top toys – a competitor of Pokemon – were originally developed by Japanese firm Takara and have been licensed by different toy companies including Hasbro. The battling tops concept inspired manga, anime and comics series, followed by localized international TV versions, all based around a Beyblade fighting tournament.

Early Beyblades featured Ultimate Frostic Dragon (Spin Dragoon) and Saizo. The tops fight in arenas called Beystadiums, which have something of the colosseum about them with open sections in the walls and openings on the sides to launch into. Each Beyblade includes a BeyLauncher, which can be used for launch into battle.

The movie is still in development. However, the Transformers studio will likely be exploring franchise opportunities based on the success of the movie. toysThese units have been sold for hundreds of millions.

Pirates Of The Caribbean producer Bruckheimer and Paramount are finally due to release anticipated sequel Top Gun: Maverick this summer. The Hollywood super-producer is also in production on Paramount action-adventure movie Secret Headquarters with Owen Wilson and on the modern-day TV adaptation of 1980 film American Gigolo with Paramount TV. He is also producing the buzzy Brad Pitt Formula One pic which has his Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski aboard. As we reported, that one is headed towards Apple.

Widener and James currently collaborate on Comic Hourman with Warner Bros. DC Films and Chernin Entertainment. They have also collaborated in scripts like Now You See Me 3 for Lionsgate and the Micro novel adaptation of Michael Crichton.

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Source: Jerry Bruckheimer And Paramount Producing Movie Based On Beyblade Toys – Deadline

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