In an ever-changing world, we must champion award-winning journalism that is both impactful and innovative

“Your guide to a better future.”CNET’s tagline is not all about it. It’s our commitment uncovering the big, complex issues that affect how we live and work, and writing stories that make you smarter and better equipped to take action. We accomplish this mission by ensuring high-quality journalism is done with ambition. 

CNET’s take-home video was a great encouragement. six Eddie & Ozzie awardsTuesday night. Our site redesign was awarded the Ozzie design prize. This was a sign that we wanted to be able to offer expertise on a wider variety of topics than our original launch in April. Five awards were presented to our editorial team in recognition of stories that covered critical topics like climate change and accessibility, harassment, or how safe our future metaverse might be. 

The glass plaques are nice but what’s more important is the stories and the impact they had on you, our audience. 

CNET has always been a leader in climate change reporting. CNET’s coverage of the United Nations’ climate conference, COP26, was recognized for its on-site reporting. We sent Katie Collins, Senior European correspondent at CNET to Glasgow, Scotland, to report on major trends and movements. We covered everything from climate injustice to the struggle for women to be heard. 

CNET Science Editor Jackson Ryan also has increased his attention on climate change. Ryan traveled to Antarctica as part his ongoing coverage of this important topic. He documented the impacts of carbon dioxide emissions on the fragile ecosystem. His package won the Best Series in Science and Consumer Technology.

Ryan is the second recipient. He was also the recipient of the Australian Museum Eureka Award in Science Journalism for the same series last month – and he put together a This video summarizes the reasons why these stories matter.

Jackson Ryan/CNET

Our team is likely going to continue sharing stories about climate change in the future. We must all understand the effects of these environmental changes.

Another buzzword in tech is the metaverse. Queenie Wong is a Senior Media Reporter at CNET. She looked into leaked documents from Facebook Papers and discovered that Meta was being harassed in the early days. Her story was nominated to win the Best Consumer Analysis Award. 

It is becoming increasingly important to be able trust Amazon reviews. CNET Senior e-commerce reporter Laura Hautala spent time investigating the issue at the world’s biggest e-commerce website. Robert Rodriguez animated graphics were used to help her explain the constant cycle of fake reviews. Her article was awarded Best Single Article in Consumer Technology and Science. 

Our audience also seeks guidance in accessibility. It’s something we have covered over the years as part our Tech Enabled series. Joan Solsman, Senior Media reporter at CNET, gives an insider’s view of the film CODA. This includes how the filmmakers created an authentic environment that accurately represented the deaf community. Her story was awarded the Best Consumer Culture Story. 

CNET’s ability to help guide you as the future unfolds is, as I said, only possible because of the time and effort our talented and dogged storytellers – our reporters, editors, designers, photographers and videographers – spend on producing the stories that matter to you. We hope you’ll take the time to browse some of our award winning works. 

The Eddie & Ozzies website lists all winners Website.

Source: We must champion award-winning, impactful journalism in an ever-changing world

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