How to Accessorize Your Halloween Costume T-shirt

T-shirt costume are a lifesaver!  Simply put – they are not a one-time-use item for your child!  You can wear them anytime and they’re super fun! You can wear them to school, the park, and family outings. Just easily remove the cape if it’s getting in the way and off you go.  Now that Halloween is just around the corner, just pop that cape back on and you’re ready to party!

Remember – a casual t-shirt costume doesn’t have to equal a lazy costume.  These costumes can be made unique and original with just a few accessories.🙂


There is nothing better than clothes you can wear throughout the year. Batman tights clearly go with everything, socks are a necessity, and gloves are needed when it’s cold out! A super cool Bat Girl utility belt in a Bat Girl print is also available. Put on your bat-mask and now you’re ready to fight crime in a comfortable fashion.

Wonder Woman

We all Wonder Woman must know this:For the iconic look, you can get her lasso, braces and tiara. Tights are perfect for everyday wear, and soft gloves add an extra layer of comfort. This outfit shows that the super hero is well-prepared by wearing a bomber jacket.

Super Girl

Supergirl is easy to follow if you’re familiar with super heroes. Why complicate the outfit? For trick or treating, wear simple blue hero gloves with a mask and a beanie that features her logo. Have some comfortable leggings and socks that show your hero pride and we’re done!


Elsa, the elegant ice queen, is no stranger to style. Pair ice tones of light and dark blue together to keep the color theme alive. To complement the outfit, you can pair it with Elsa socks or leggings. Now you’re only missing the accessories of this queen. Wear a regal crown and sophisticated gloves, and carry an ice-wand.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie are a classic duo so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have them on here. They are missing their iconic ears and gloves. Now just focus on the bottoms – a simple pair of red shorts or polka dot skirt and you’re all set!

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