Hasbro Announces New Indiana Jones Toy: So You Can Raid The Lost Ark

The hat is yours. You have the whip. The Headpiece of Ra is the most important prop for Indiana Jones costumes.

Hasbro’s new collectible was inspired by the ancient artifact which guided Indy, his friends and their 1981 classic. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hasbro is calling it the first installment in the Indiana Jones Adventure Series. This deal follows one between Lucasfilm & Hasbro in January (just in the time to see Harrison Ford back in the role). Indiana Jones 5June 23rd: Whipping into the theater

Saturday saw the debut of the new toy Hasbro PulseCon 2022. It will cost $50.99, and will be available spring 2023. You can pre-order it now. Hasbro PulseThe USA, Canada, and select European markets. It can also be ordered at Amazon, GameStop Entertainment Earth, and BigBadToyStore.

Other brands at PulseCon: Marvel, Star Wars, GI Joe, and Magic: The Gathering 

The box for the The Headpiece of the Staff of Ra, the latest Indiana Jones toy from Hasbro.

The Staff of Ra was a stick used to reveal the Ark of the Covenant’s exact location when the sun hits the headpiece’s central jewel at a specific time. The toy version features a light-up jewel and a small stand that fits into the same display base as the one in the movie. 

Indiana Jones uses the Staff of Ra and headpiece to seek the location of the lost Ark.

Indiana Jones uses the Staff of Ra and a headpiece to find the lost Ark.

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The film’s headpiece was a key MacGuffin: Indy’s search for the talisman required him to seek out Marion, his ex-love Marion. He arrived at Marion’s snowbound bar as evil Nazis were also eager to grab the hot item. The text on Indy’s headpiece stated the length of the Staff of Ra. The length of Staff of Ra was indicated by the writing on Indy’s headpiece. Fortunately, it is included on both sides so that you don’t have to dig in the wrong places.

We wonder: What’s next for the Indiana Jones series? Some monkey brains The cup of a carpenter? (“He chose… poorly.”)

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