Fredericktown Second Grade – Beyblades

Fredericktown Elementary Second Grade

Buffi Ayyagari’s Class

Dear Santa,

I’m gratfl for fins and family. I would like a OMG Pet. I would love summber my sister to git crafs. I would like a hurbod. Ples git me the stuf I asck fro. I was good ol yers.

                                                       Love, Lilly Hodges

can i ples a drbick. can Brady have sum Deer sort elsa. Can me and Brady have a sole and fatbed. thanks for presints.

                                                       Love, Tucker Parmer

People are moreover learning…

I’m grafle for everythang that god did for me. I would love evry one to git a gift. I would like a intwindwitch. I would like a tablit. I would like a motorbike. I would love sum vehicles for my bruthr. I’ll livv sum cookes and milke for sant clos and I’ll giv his Rander Rander meals to eat.

                                                       Love, Jaidence Maness

I would like for {a magazine} mixe. and a migix flir. I wut fake laos. Kan you git my mom pajamas pleas. I’ll liv tris for the randers.

                                                       Love, Addison Jones

Aer Santa i’m thankfl for that i’ve a teve in my room. My mom wuhs a chwowu for krismus. for krismus my dad wuhs sum tols for krismus. my sistr moggie wuhs sum makup and sum klows. my utr sistr Molle wuhs sum aportmint sutf.

                                                       Love, Charlee Gresham

I’m thacef for my horses. I wunt a slick. I wunt charlee to git a slick to.

                                                       Love, Madelyn Koenig

I’m grateful for my house. I wut a xbox. thim I wut sum pokemon unusual pokemon. I wut sum cos. I wuve luke morns to git pokmon.

                                                       Love, Isaiah Evans

I’m graful for my famle. I whad like hach mls. I whad reminiscent of you to help the home les pepl. I whad like a minnie mous toys. I whad like my Elf. I’ll lefe you cookes. 

                                                       Love, Harley-Ann Pyeatt-Youthful

Thanks for all the presins Santa. Santa please hlep the poor for Chims. I would like a fox frum bass prowe and I would like a POP it backpack. I’ll lethe you cookes and milk.

                                                       Love, Sadie Lee

I’m grate for my hows. I’m grate for my Dad. I would love Isaiah Even to git pokemon. I would love Pokemon for crismmis. I would like a toy automotive. I chri to be good.

                                                       Love, Luke Morris

Santua I’m gratfol for my hol famley. Santua I wante a Large Haomol with the little eggs withe it. Santua the nexst than I wante is a Large Skwishomolo. Santua subsequent I would love is a Large lol. The ultimate than I wante is a Large strolling canine.

                                                       Love, Phoenix Mills

I wut my dad to have a cheerful day on Chismis speer it me and pa I wut a ndwnetedo change and a Iphone me and pa wuts a playstaynen 5. Me and pa will put Mike and cooke deer meals.

                                                       Love, Bryson Chaffin

Sarah Burlison’s Class

I’d Adore it for many who launched me a littl Avat av boy Thags, Phone, sew thags, gold computer, squishma, Paintings spliez, horse treats, horse bridle, appl watch.

                                                       Love, Kember Anthony

I’d adore it for many who launched me a phone, x-box, booe dalles, R2D2 stuffed animal.

                                                       Love, Espn Archer-Mueller

I whould realy desire it for many who brout me a nintindo video video games, massive hershes kises, distant administration spider, half for automotive, elf on the shelf pleas, bateris, and pet.

                                                       Love, Cole Autry

Charly and the chochoate manufacturing unit disck. fornite clotecshon. full, little nhite mares2 toys. t,rex, and owen. Gta, 5. little nnite mares, 3. Garys mod.

                                                       Love, Lucas Blaney 

I’d adore it for many who launched me a family picture.

                                                       Love, Linzie Bohnert

I would like a phone tablet, a disco boll for my room, a dance floor, a model new house, squisshmallow, a model new kitten, a Black Panther poster, a sharks set, and a Panther set. 

                                                       Love, Hunter Curtis

I woud desire it for many who wll git me a toddler kitten. I woud moreover like a e-book.

                                                       Love, Coraline Duncan

I’d adore it for many who launched me a oculus. I’d adore it for many who launched me a iphon. I’d adore it for many who launched me sum pokemon.

                                                       Love, Gabriel Elrod

I’d adore it for many who launched me a vr hidset, unspetuberrthng, sonic toys, and x-box. That’s all I would love.

                                                       Love, Aiden Fellner

Can you ship a subject of slimelicker? And produce facemask. And a pink computer pleas?

                                                       Love, Genesis Garcia

I’d adore it for many who ship some pokemon enjoying playing cards. Subsequent i’d adore it for many who ship some money. Remaining i might like it for many who ship an iphone. 

                                                       Love, Levi Kelley

I like you numerous. May I place have a large avocado stuffed animal, fidgets, self-importance, massive squishmallow, stuffed sew, sew blanket, Paintings gear, stick once more pack, make-up gear, Lol, purple lip stick. Place and thanck you.

                                                       Love, Anna Matthews

Will you ship me a phone, massive bear, PS5, and candy please?

                                                       Love, Ember McCain

For Christmas, I’d love and IPhone 13 Skilled. I’d love this phone because of it takes good photographs. I need to ship messages to my mom and pa. Thanks,

                                                       Love, Anthonella

I’d adore it for many who launched me a phone, money, candy, art work gear, make-up gear, fidgets, toy pet, and slim.

                                                       Love, Sawyer Roberts

May I’ve an enormous squishmallow for chrimas place. Can I’ve a art work gear, make-up gear, a bit attraction with an anmil.

                                                       Love, Madilyn Smith

I’d love a ipad, and a Elf pet Fox, and a office chair, and a office desk, a model new saddle blanket, and a saddle, and a travl Darkish pack, and a horse tree and play house, and a play Barn. 

                                                       Love, Suede Swearengin

I wuld adore it for many who launched me a x-box and a phone. And a garey, and a doll, and a model new wottr bottle, and a toddler bear, a cat, and some money. some toys. I such as you.

                                                       Love, Alias Whited

I’d love some sensory toys. I’d moreover like a Floogals themed playset. When having fun with with toys, I prefer to swing them spherical! Totally different points I moreover would love might be any toys that make music!

                                                       Love, Rhett Rehkop

Barb Coleman’s Class

I what a poopse and that i ose a Lol. and that i want a big prize. Nevertheless for many who would possibly can you merely get me a magi mixy plz. Thank Santa.

                                                       Love, Makayla Evans

I would like a Minecraft canine and I would love everyone to get their presents.

                                                       Love, Judah Johnson

I was an excellent boy This 12 months. You’re the Best explicit individual on the planet. For christmas I would love Legos and completely different points to assemble with.

                                                       Love, Noah Francis

Thanks for the presents. I would like a Play Station six. I’d moreover like a popcorn machine.

                                                       Love, Jeremiah Snow 

I would love make-up and nel polish and a phone. and a seweing mashing. and Doctr toys. and a xbox1.

                                                       Love, Bella Bowman

Please ship me a PS5 and scorching wheels, and a Mario cart recreation.

                                                       Love, Matthew Jordan

I’ll like a pleasing shirt, a model new backpack. idk what I would love in my shok however, a model new pony (not an precise pony), a sqishmello, a chrasye barbe set, a a small squishmollo, a VR, a conventional phone.

                                                       Love, Michante Burshia

I need to have Pottery gear, walmart card, kitten, iPhone, lol’s, figets, slime, mcdonald’s current card, new hover board and a penny doard. please don’t forget my family!

                                                       Love, Jesse Sutton

I’d love a barbie house and journey barbie. Thanks, Santa. I hope you may have a Merry Christmas!

                                                       Love, Cora Miller

I would like a brand new recreation for christmas and likewise a nurf gun for crismis. and likewise a model new micer skop. and likewise a model new telaskop. and a model new monser chucke. a model new guitar for christmas.

                                                      Love, Waylon Stricklan

how is yor raendeer. I’ve Ben good. would possibly you ship me 3 King Kong toys, a darkish crimson squid and a model new soccer. Can I’ve a 100 candy canes. have a merry christmas.

                                                       Love, Cole Net web page

I’d liek a Pokemon Mattress set, a Pokemon pocket ebook, and a steelers backpack please. 

                                                       Love, Adalynn Sutton

I need to Have a godzilla movement decide, VR head set, preditor movement decide, my very personal game2. Thanks 🙂

                                                       Love, Colin Evans

been good! for chrstmas Sataol Krul I depart cookes and Im thah and footbal gear. I’ll I indominus REx momster truck I card. Patrick mahomes H15 card. I’d love a michael Jordan.

                                                       Love, Brenden Hamel

I would like a brand new keyboard and mouse and Madden 22 for PS4.

                                                       Love, Ja’mykis Abbey

I’ve been such an excellent boy as soon as extra this 12 months! For Christmas I’d prefer to have the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone e-book and the Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute e-book. I’d moreover like a Lego Star Wars ship, a Jordan Kyrov jersey, puppet characters, a diner set, and a model new squishmallow. Can you moreover ship my mom, Dad, Cat Bolt and Canine Frank one factor too? Merry Christmas Santa!

                                                       Love, Harrison McDowell

Amber Parish’s Class

How are you? I’d love a 5 nights at freddiy’s plushy. and I’d moreover like a roblox decide. and a I’d moreover like a ten Pokemon enjoying playing cards.

                                                       Love, Teddy Brewen

How are you? I’m so excited for cristmas. I’d love some legos. I moreover want a play station 4. Thanks very quite a bit.

                                                       Love, Ryan Carey

How are you? I’m so exited for Chritmas! For Christmas, I’d love a Rainbow Extreme doll. I’d moreover like rollerskates and a big squishmallow. Thanks Santa.

                                                       Love, Lydia Davis

I wunt a Ps, Pokemon, Ninjajago, Bakugan. I hop you an make it to my haws to git me and my bruther. I like Santas. I like christmas.

                                                       Love, Tucker England

How are you? I woulb love a fiv nithgs at freddys plushy. I’d allsow love some dinosor and a stichmallow and crombook, pokemon plushy. Anamal plushy, braslete maker, my very personal tv. Thanks Santa.

                                                       Love, Jocellyn Frizzell

How are you? I’m so excited for Christmas! For Christmas I’d love further Pokemon and Robux. Thanks very quite a bit. 

                                                       Love, Luke Greene

I would like my cat lock chilly come once more. and I would like I might need Hatchimals. and a stuffed animal Koala.

                                                       Love, Lyla Jones

Whats up Santa! I’m very excited! May I please have a robotic pteranadon, an Amazon Super tablet, a large eagle stuff, a beyblade, a beyblade stadium, and a mine craft dungeons change card. May I please have all of these items, for many who do or don’t, thanks.

                                                       Love, Elliott Mills

How are you? I’m so excited for Christmas! For Christmas, I’d love a Stronger Points Lougefly. I moreover would love the model new Harry Potter recreation for the Change.

                                                       Love, Aerie Parker

May I’ve a large stuffed animal giraffe. and a model new subject of pokemon and a model new subject of bakugans. and can I please have each type of lego models.

                                                       Love, John Peterman

How are you? I’m so excited for Christmas. I’d love a Mega subject of v jumbo pack of pokemon enjoying playing cards. thanks Santa.

                                                       Love, Kase Pogue

How are you? I’m so excited for Christmas. for Christmas I’d love a model new Lego set. Some new Barbies , some squishmallows, a pocket ebook. thanks Santa for every issue.

                                                       Love, Parker Proffer

How are you? I’d love a plushy and a iphone and a koala and a Rainbow Extreme doll and some slime and a xbox thake you. Santa you’re the best and one other thage I wut a hug!

                                                       Love, Sophia Rose

I wold like 18 Pokemon enjoying playing cards. and two xboxes. and a medium venom bye Santa. I hope you ahve an excellent day.

                                                       Love, Layne Scott

How are you? can you git my a squishmallow, Pokemon, Rainbow Extreme doll, iPhone, animal pappys, koala, American doll girl. ma gis a model new once more pack.

                                                       Love, Aubree Skaggs

I’d love a raindeer plushy, squishmallow, chapter books, junie B jones, headbanz recreation, minine ears, books to be taught, a lunch subject, and a model new once more pack. 

                                                       Love, Traery Stafford

Hey Santa I would love 20 Scorching weels and I would love 20 Robex. I would love 100 Pokemon and I would love 1,000 legos and i want 1 iPhone and I wnnt a coulr for my canine and 20 paupr.

                                                       Love, Adam Steiner

I would like a distant administration automotive. I would love an ambulance, fireplace truck and tdyl.

                                                       Love, Kohenn Stephens

How are you? for Christmas am i able to’ve 20 pokemon enjoying playing cards and a ps 5 and a pet and a plushy and a bike, and a racing gaem. 

                                                       Love, Bentley Stidem

Kalyn Parson’s Class

I would love an Iphone 14 Skilled. I can watch Youtube and play video video video games. For those who can’t ship me an Iphone, then would possibly you ship me an RC automotive. Thanks.

                                                       Love, Sahit

RC automotive. Legos. Paint Ball gun. XBox sequence X. Stuffed animals. Roblox card. V-bucks.

                                                       Love, Bentley Culton

I would like a balloons. I would love slime. I would like a ball pit. I would love mario toys. I would love Hocus Pocus toy. I would like a hula hoop. I would like a Parises Pecn toy. I would like an amazing pets toys.

                                                       Love, River

I’d love a pokeball. A gell balster, a large shark toy, phone case, geko toy for my drather Grayson and an amphibian Adrayin toy, please and thanks.

                                                       Love, Bennett Whited

I’ve been an excellent girl this 12 months. Can I’ve barbies, a toddler yoda toy, a paw patrol skye toy, head telephones, vamparina toys and vitality ranger toys.

                                                       Love, Aria

Eesy bake uvin. Breardy cadr. thoweup dol. goset sahr. Pet brad and brad meals. Plastik paper with meatcts. fake meals with chukout. unicorn books, baby toos. 1000 blagke papers.

                                                       Love, Rita Marler

I’d love a tent, a tv, a klock, and drums, a doll houes, a littie desk, a colring e-book.

                                                       Love, Hayden

I would like a basket ball. I’d love a rubix cube. I’d love a fidget pack. I’d love a rc monster truck. I would love Minecraft legos. I would love Mario legos. Thats all i want for xmas.

                                                       Love, William Jordan

I would love Pokemon Starlight, an Pokeman Violet, an a stuffed animal of charmander. I would love the rariest Pokeman card. I would like a pokemon clock, an necessary hero with the case and chip, a mario recreation, an element to hook my nintendo change lite to the tv, a model new mattress.

                                                       Love, Jaxston Mell

Can I please have a robotic for christmas thanks.

                                                       Love, Connor Hagy

I would like a pony and I would like a Lisa doll. I would love some lip stick and perfume and a fancy dress like pinky pie. If I can I would love some video video games to play at dwelling.

                                                       Love, Bella Firebaugh

Chromebook, POP It’s, sharpie, maxmy pig, sans plush, Sonic plush.

                                                       Love, Treylynn

Sppis eggs, puping flamingo, mollstr, chuckys, crhrol, grani, gnew tablit, LOL, LOL, LOLs, pet horse to ribe, crcin watr ball, wallte cune.

                                                       Love, Brihana 

Would like a Barbie in a Christmas costume, I’d love Mrs. Santa to knit me a sweater. A reasonably Christmas tree and a fuzzy blanket, a Christmas costume and a pet.

                                                       Love, Ivy Scott

Ryan Thompson’s Class

I would like an amazing mighty pup tower. I want to be a superb hero. I would love help counting to 1000. I would like a Minecraft Sword and select axe.

                                                       Love, David Freeman

I wold like Haddes, blue on-line sport controller. I wold like a soccer. I wold like a Iphone 14. I wold like slime. I wold like computer. I wold like a soccer uniform. I wold a thousand dolls. 

                                                       Love, Nolan Sebastian

I’d love hoodies, nerf weapons, lego models, slime, toys, books, computer, scorching wheels, squishmallow, soccer, TV, hoverboard, candy, PS5, Robucks, paper, paintball weapons.

                                                       Love, Sam Tomlinson

I wolub for crismis like scishmelos and ate doe ar and a hoverboard, and a plushe. Fo Santat and sum slime and da6d squishmallows.

                                                       Love, Kayleigh Jorgensen

I wate a hoverboard, squishmallow and small stuffed animals and barbie bolls and a nintendo change and a toy cat and a comera, Hatchable and Polly Pockets and robucks.

                                                       Love, Eve Royer

I would like a huvrbord and that i want a brand new sister and a 24 hawrs with my Parnts hafe to listin to me for 24 hawars and PJamas and a xbox and the gta 6 recreation. I wold like a Popcorn and Sline and a animals, iphone. 

                                                       Love, Bentley Hiles

I’d love a globe, hoverboard, schleich, squishmallow, scoole set to play whth, slime, fake glasis, a squishmallow of my mom, you, me, oliver, scarlet, benson, intendo change, toy canine, digital digicam, chromebook, 1 thousand dolrs.

                                                       Love, Haddie Black

I would like a PS5! i want a vbucks card! i want mancraft on the PS5 and fortnit! i want to donat many to my mom! And a cmpootr and a phone and a digital digicam.

                                                       Love, Kort Tiefenauer

globe, chromebook, hoodies, thousand, schleich, hatchane, squishmallows, I like bears, slime, monster hive dolls, sneakers, depart, phone, digital digicam, nintendo, PJs.

                                                       Love, Madalynn Day

I’d love horizen on PS5, Preston hoodie, gravity falls stuff, each half i dream of, a model new ipad, a canine, 2 tvs, scented glue. I would like a money, glitch, what I write includes life. 

                                                       Love, Gehrig Tucker

I wld like hoverboard and a squishmallow and I would love stuff animals and slime and I would love phone and a nintendo change. I would love kitten and a large squishmallow and Polly Pockets and a plushy of Santa.

                                                       Love, Alizabelle Hinkle

Can you come to my dwelling because of I’m Santa depart coockes and milk out for you and what i whnt is a squishmallow for christmas and likewise slime and a phone and a digital digicam Legos barbie dolls dollhouse an elf toy.

                                                       Love, Mikaila Williams

I would like a crimson jiant hintcracrs, slime, lego Luigi, phone, Luigi in a fir flower, sot sdf animals.

                                                       Love, Wyatt Sherrill

I would love a bit uncore egg and da massive squishmallow and pink slime and a phone and a phone cupcake and sprenkls case and a tree house and the complete my Life set plese.

                                                       Love, Adalyn Slaughter

I wut for Kleismresis a slhleich hrses, a slhleich hrses bon, a squishmallowss, a stuffed animalss, slime, the grinch stuffed animal, a phone, candy, hoverboard.

                                                       Love, Addy Parson

I’d love some talking alphabet toys. I like toys that make me chuckle. I’d love some fidget toys. I like to paint and use dry erase boards.

                                                       Love, Jed Roberts

Wendy Walker’s Class

Birthday guidelines, large smash brows ottamax. Crictmas guidelines, a model new toy and title for my cat, a pokemon in a pokemon lego toy, a pair of mittens, new glovs.

                                                       Love, Diesel Capriglione

I would like a Pet Boxer. I would like a squishmallow. I osow want a nowcye. I would like a netbook.

                                                       Love, Jaylee Bain

a nerf gun and a pac of pokemon and tap it. 

                                                       Love, Matthew Gunter

I would love 5 new narf weapons. I would love water weapons. I would like a squishmallow. A large metro. Strangter points cair. Fake ice cocoobs. Stranger points sliprs.

                                                       Love, Karliah Pogue

I would like a hovrbord, sokrball. I would like a toy elf. I would like a toy squishe. I would like a squishmallow. I would like a unicorn squish. I would like a POP it. the highest.

                                                       Love, Faith Reilly

I’m 8, I thack I been good. Stuff koala, koala POP it, Stich POP it, squishmallow sloth, squish koala, art work and crafts, Stragrthags blak it, all sharpees in Rainbow. 

                                                       Love, Aleeah Delph

I wold like a hamster, a hover bord, and a rian deer that has a crimson nostril and a kitin anda a unicorn and a lightweight saber and a yoyo for a lot Christmas plaeces Meery Chistmas. 

                                                       Love, David Burke

I’d love a huverboard a hamstr a luke skywalker that comes with a lite saber darth vadr that comes with a lite saber a crimson lite saber for me. 

                                                       Love, Levi Connor

I would like a huvrbord. I would like a huvr sokrball. I sum pokemon. I would love 1000 CKalr pagigs. Can you git all av this stuff!

                                                       Love, Cilas McCleallan

                                                       Love, Kevin McManemin

i want a iphone. and a gotkart and a amongst us plushe and a lote uv nrfguns and 10000000000000000$ and a large massive massive massive massive massive subject and a noob 123 plushe

                                                       Love, Skyler Bates-Sebastian

I would like a vr and a squishmealow and some gameing with Kev merch. Merely one different pixle murch and 17,000 robux and horse toy barn and a chook.

                                                       Love, Eva Colyott

I would like a brand new bike and a huber bord and a nurf jun and a nuther one fur m y dad and a phone for many who cood can you go to my hous and squishmallow and I ben reell good this yeer.

                                                       Love, Eileen

I’ve bin gud math wuck pareah bud, bud wif mxouzick. I wut a LOL, I wut a scushmlo, slim, ari babby, I wut journal up, a naw kchin.

                                                       Love, Hayven Phares

A vr, sidm toy, haycra, moods, hvbd, iarath, a cora, aunlu, gear.

                                                       Love, Tristan Evans

Pritty pleas. a large toy kichin with fake meals to. Can I pleas have a phone and a case for the phone pleas and a vr set. Mary Christmas Santa. 🙂 

                                                       Love, Olivia Sandman

I wude like a ag dol. I’ve ben an excellent baby this yer. hawe is the north pole. I wile depart you coces and the rander carrots.

                                                       Love, Ivy Smothers

Supply: Fredericktown Second Grade – Beyblades

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