Fortnite’s Best Creative Codes – How It Works

If you’re looking for some new creative codes to play in Fortnite, we’ve gathered the best maps to play here!

Since Fortnite Creative’s release in 2018, many players have been developing unique and interesting maps for fans to play.

Creative is an entirely new Fortnite game. You can choose from a horror mode, a party mode, or explore other franchises’ worlds.

These are the best Fortnite Creative Maps!

When was the last time this list was updated?

This article was last updated September 1, 2013, during Chapter 3 Season 3.

Fortnite Creative Maps Best For XP


Island Code: 9772182-97227

Hordenite, a PVE-focused Creative Map, allows players to survive after a Zombie Apocalypse. Hordenite has a variety content and crafting mechanisms that can help you gain lots of XP.

Parkour Deathrun at 133+ Level

Island Code: 4311-3047-2452

Fortnite 133 Level Parkour Deathrun Yoohan
Epic Games / Yoohan

Parkour is not easy, but it can be rewarding for those who complete its challenges.

280+ Level Easy Deathrun

Island Code: 0451-3252-0987

Fortnite 280 Levels Deathrun R15_lestremon
Epic Games /R15_LestRemon

Similar to the other deathrun, but easier, this one rewards fewer experience points but is much simpler. Completing certain levels will earn you a decent amount of bonus XP.

Fiend Slayer 2

Island Code: 0302-3674-998

Fortnite Fiend Slayer 2 TonyQuest

Fiend Slayer 2 is a game similar to Call of Duty Zombies. Players must defeat waves of Zombies to unlock more of a map and buy guns and other perks to strengthen their characters and earn XP.

What is Fortnite Creative XP Cap Cap

There’s a soft cap of 200k XP per day from Fortnite’s Creative maps.

While you’ll still earn XP after reaching the cap, the amount you’ll earn will significantly decrease. With the cap, the Item Shop resets.

That’s equal to around two and a half tiers for your Battle Pass. If you do this every day for a week, you’ll earn roughly 17 levels.

Fortnite: The Most Creative Maps


Horror Mansion Escape

Island Code: 2108-4086-4230

Fortnite Horror Mansion Escape Wishbone_45
Epic Games / Wishbone_45

Is it possible escape this terrifying place? Players will face 15 levels full of puzzles and jump scares.


Island Code: 834-826-6393

Best Fortnite Creative Horror Maps
Epic Games / The_Pixel_Killer

Nightfair is an asymmetrical horror-game that challenges six people to survive against one monster. This map is frightening. To survive, you will need to sneak, run and hide.

Paradox of Beginning

Island Code: 6152-3603-0539

Fortnite Paradox The Beginning Thyrosx
Epic Games/ Thyrosx

Players will be awakened at night in a strange cabin. They will need to find clues and solve the puzzles on this terrifying horror-puzzle map.

Exploration / Roleplaying

Prison Breakout

Island Code: 6531-4403-0726

Fortnite Prison Breakout Echo
Epic Games / Echo

Whenever there’s a game designing tool, a prison break-type game is always going to be made. Prison Breakout, a roleplaying map that combines Fortnite’s Cops VS Robbers with Fortnite, is engaging and fun.

High School RP

Island Code: 6351/95562-0264

Fortnite High School RP Tiny
Epic Games / Tiny

While many people want to forget highschool, others want to relive it. High School RP is a great way for you to make new friends in a high school environment.

Rob the Vault RP

Island Code: 7300-7348-46444

Fortnite Best Roleplay and Exploration Creative Maps
Epic Games / Df78

Think of robbery the vault as Prison Breakout’s prequel. It’s a different developer. Roleplaying as thieves trying to get into a bank is a great way for people to have fun.

Party Games

Bikini Bottom Gungame

Island Code: 3300-769-99591

Fortnite Bikini Bottom Gungame Dummblond
Epic Games / Dummblond

Combining the classic Gun Game mode with Spongebob Squarepants doesn’t make too much sense when you think, but this Fortnite Creative map does an excellent job at bringing these two very different worlds together.

Bumper Cars

Island Code: 3872-0491 -76117

Fortnite Bumper Cars FLCN
Epic Games / FLCN

Take a car and drive in front of each other. It’s really as simple as that. You’ll try to be the last alive, and be victorious!

Toy Store Prop Hunt

Island Code: 8760-18077616

Fortnite Best Party Games in Creative
Epic Games / Callybelle

Prop Hunt makes Hide-and-Seek a great party activity. Toy Store Prop Hunt allows players the option to choose from a wide range of toys to hide to the seekers in this game mode.

One Shot Gun Game

Code for the island: 0345-9115-1287

Fortnite One Shot Gun Game Smurff
Epic Games / Smurff

One Shot Gun Game makes the standard Gun Game ten times easier by making every shot an instant winner. It can get extremely hectic, but it’s a lot of fun!

Team Deathmatch / 1v1 / Zone Wars

Island Code – 8610-9659-5825

Fortnite Red VS Blue Mythic Arena Katy
Epic Games / Katy

This map is 10v10 and focuses on Exotic or Mythic weapons. This mode is great if you love rare weapons. Scoretreaks and other secrets can also be found in the game.

Tropical Thunder – Domination

Island Code – 8648-4116-8065

Fortnite 16v16 Tropical Thunder
Epic Games/Vysena

Tropical Thunder is made up of two 16-member teams, which compete for points and hold onto them. They use a mix of vehicles and weapons to win. It’s the popular Domination mode from other shooters, but Fortnite style!

The Pit

Island Code – 4590-4493-7113

Fortnite The Pit Geerzy
Epic Games / Geerzy

The Pit is a Creative masterpiece. Players can choose from a variety of weapons before they enter an arena. It’s every player for themselves, as you’ll go against 11 enemies and hopefully, earn some XP!

Monster Wars

Island Code – 4164-3090-6037

Fortnite Best Team Deathmatch or Zone Wars Maps
Epic Games / Mastiff

Monster Wars is a new version of the classic Bed Wars game. You are assigned to four teams with four players and given the task, protecting the monster base. You can buy upgrades, weapons, vehicles, and other items in the hope of winning.

Hopefully, you’ll find these Creative maps fun with friends, especially after the removal of Impostors in Fortnite.

How to use Fortnite Island Codes, Play Creative Maps

  • To open the current game mode, click on the Fortnite Lobby Screen.
Fortnite Best Creative Maps and Island Codes
  • Click here to visit the Island Code tab.
Fortnite How to Input Island Codes for Creative Maps
  • You can either type the code manually, or you can copy it from the link above and paste it in.
  • After that, press enter or the equivalent on your smartphone. A popup will display the island.
  • Click play if you find the map that you are looking for.
Fortnite How to Use Island Codes
  • You’ll then be taken back to the Lobby, where you can press play as normal.

Fortnite Creative codes are now available. Bring your friends! We’ll be updating this list with new codes frequently, so make sure to bookmark this page!

Source: Fortnite’s Best Creative Codes – How It Works

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