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Best Adult Store — Nancy’s Nook

Runner-up: This Is It

Adult stores can range from the sleazy to the self-affirming, and there’s definitely something to be said for the neighborhood-friendly attitude of Nancy’s Nook, a local, independent store committed to satisfying all of your carnal needs, regardless of the specifics. That they’ve persevered through multiple municipal attempts to close is just a fun little rebellious bonus.

Honorable Mention: “The Glo Room”

Best Alternative Clothing — Sid & Nancy

Runner-up: Loose Lucy’s

In the 2000s, the thrift era of clothing was a boom era. It lasted only a short time. Now it’s back more popular than ever, with a particular emphasis on alternative and hip crowds. Sid and Nancy are the best place in Columbia to find affordable cool (in a counterculture way). It fits like a glove on Saluda Avenue in Five Points’ mercantile-vibe, which is just right.

Honorable Mention: NOMA Warehouse & Acidic Apparel

Best Antique Store — Old Mill Antique Mall

Runner-up: Little Mountain Antiques

In West Columbia’s very bustling State Street, Old Mill Antique Mall has rested for over three decades. The shop offers ware from over 75 dealers, ranging from furniture, collectibles and genuine antique items you can’t find anywhere else. The shop proudly offers antique wares and offers modern viewing options including an online catalog, app and mobile website.

Red Lion and The Little Green Door deserve honor

Best Bakery — Tiffany’s Bakery & Eatery

Ally and Eloise are runners up

One of the city’s longest-running bakeries, Tiffany’s opened its doors in 1977. Their popularity has grown so fast that they’ve expanded twice to match their business. It’s still one of the most popular in the area and will always have something to grab your attention, whether it’s cookies, brownies cheesecakes, pies, or any other variety of pastries.

Honorable Mention: smallSUGAR, Kudzu Bakery

Best Beer Store — Green’s Beverage Warehouse

Runner-up: Craft & Draft

This large liquor store has expanded to multiple locations in the Midlands. They offer a wide variety of regional and big-name beer brands at a fair cost. Basically, if there’s a beer, wine, cider or liquor that you’re looking for, one of their three Columbia locations is bound to have it.

WECO Bottle and Biergarten bottles, Honorable Mention

Best Bridal Store — Evelyn’s

Runner-up: Jo-Lin’s Bridal

Evelyn’s can outfit everyone from the bride to the best man in a variety of collections, not to mention providing wedding accessories, and they can do it all for a great price thanks to their Budget Brides service. It’s a one-stop for your wedding needs.

Honorable Mention: David’s Bridal, New York Bride & Groom

Best Butcher Shop — Ole Timey Meat Market

New York Butcher Shop is the runner-up

Our Columbia readers voted Ole Timey Meat Market the best butcher. It offers the same quality and value at each of its three locations. Ole Timey Meat Market will be your first choice for a Tbone steak or a rack filled with pork ribs.

Honorable Mention: Caughman’s Meat Market, The Royal Butcher

Best Children’s Clothing — Once Upon a Child

Runner-up: Duck Duck Goose

Children are messy — between falling down in the mud to spilling their bowl of SpaghettiOs across their newly purchased white shirt, it’s inevitable that they’ll either destroy their clothing or soon grow out of them. That’s when shopping at consignment stores becomes the logical solution — this national chain is known for its collection of gently used children’s clothes that won’t break the bank.

Honorable Mention – Marigold modern

Best Consignment Shop — Revente Luxury Resale

NoMa Warehouse was the runner-up

Revente, located in Five Points’ merchant district, offers some of the finest resale items in town. With a focus on high-end or boutique brands like Prada, Chanel or Talbots, you’re sure to find something to wear to that snazzy cocktail party and be the admiration of everyone there.

Honorable Mention Clothes Mentor and Roundabouts consignments

Best Convenience Store — QuikTrip

Runner-up: Circle K

The ubiquitous QT logo in white on a red square background is our readers’ pick for the top convenience store in the area. QuikTrip offers more than just convenience stores. You will find a large hot bar, snack bars, and coolers with beverages. Here you can get your anytime snack or munchie fix.

Best Cycle Shop — Outspokin’ Bicycles

Runner-up: Dialed Bicycles

With locations on Devine Street and in Irmo, Outspokin’ Bicycles, known as OSB lovingly around town, has got your bike needs covered. They have everything you could want, including bike service and accessories. Maybe you are looking for a brand new bike. There are many.

Honorable Mention: Cycle Center

Best Furniture Store — Whit-Ash Furnishings

Runner-up: Strobler Home Furnishings

Although there are many big-box stores that will sell you a couch or a table, Columbians still prefer the sturdy, reliable products of Whit-Ash Furnishings.

Honorable Mention: Studio 221 Interiors, Sugar Creek Amish Furniture

Best Gamecock Store — Miss Cocky

Runner-up: Addam’s University Bookstore

Get ready for gameday in style with Miss Cocky’s large selection of Gamecock-related tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, rompers, activewear, outerwear, intimates and more. They’ve even got kids clothing to get your children started on the right path to Gamecock fandom.

Honorable Mention: Barefoot Campus Outfitter, Palmetto Shirt Company

Best Gaming Store — Firefly Toys & Games

Runner-up: Gamestop

On any given Saturday, you’ll see a wide range of folks at this spot — from those who love Dungeons and Dragons who sprawl out to play at one of the game store’s many gaming tables to families with kids who come for a board game day — and you’ll also be able to pick from a wide variety of games. Customers can borrow boardgames from the store. It also offers an indoor arcade.

Scratch N Spin is an Honorable Mention

Best Gift Shop — Uptown Gifts

Runner-up: A Little Happy

This is something everyone knows. However, gift-giving can be difficult. What gift can they give you that is unique? Or what if you don’t know them that well? We’d love to point you to Uptown Gifts. They are the best place for gift shopping.

Honorable Mention: Gibson’s, Just the Thing

Best Gun Shop — Palmetto State Armory

Runner-up: Shooters Choice

If you’re going to own a firearm, you need to make sure you have the right training and that you have the skills to handle it. Palmetto Armory is here to help you with both.

Honorable Mention: Barrons & Sandhill Shooting Sports

Best Hardware Store — Boland’s Ace

Runner-up: Lowes

Are you looking to make home repairs? Are you looking to do a few DIY projects? Boland’s Ace, which has been around since 1982, has all the tools you need to make your next project an easy task.

Honorable Mention: Home Depot

Best Jewelry Store – Carolina Fine Jewelry

Runner-Up: Sylvan’s Jewelers

Carolina Fine Jewelry was established on April 24, 1974. They are proud of their high-quality inventory and excellent customer service. That’s probably why they took top honors in the Best Jewelry Store category.

Honorable Mention: Dems jewelers, Unforgettable

Best Liquor Store — Green’s

Runner-up: Morganelli’s

Shopping in Green’s is a gloriously no-nonsense endeavor, with a wide selection at rock-bottom prices available in their warehouse shopping environs. Beneath the barebones exterior, though, you’ll find a knowledgeable staff and occasional tasting experiences that offers a more experiential value to your shopping experience.

Honorable Mention: Bottles, Total Wine

Best Marine Store — West Marine

Runner-up: Mid-Carolina Marine

West Marine has everything you need for a day out on the water. West Marine offers the best quality and most affordable prices, whether you’re looking for finishing gear, sailing or watersports equipment. The shop is located Harbison and is available seven days a week.

Honorable Mention: Cove 2 Coast Marine, Mountain Top Marine

Best Men’s Clothing — Granger Owings

Runner-up: Brittons

If you’re looking for the best in custom suits, business attire, sportswear, weekend wear, collegiate apparel or accessories, you’re looking for Granger Owings. They’ll outfit you in style from head to toe at one of their two Columbia locations.

Honorable Mention: Belk, Tux On Trux

Best Natural Food Store — Rosewood Market

Runner-up: Whole Foods

A longtime provider of natural goods in both its wares and at its hot bar, Rosewood Market is the readers’ pick for Best Natural Food Store. Rosewood Drive was established on April 1, 1971. It is now open seven day a week. Friendly staff will assist you in finding natural goods.

Honorable Mention: 14 Carrot, Earth Fare

Best Place for Fresh Produce — South Carolina State Farmer’s Market

Runner-up – Soda CityMarketplace

The sprawling South Carolina State Farmer’s Market is truly a sight to beheld when it’s bustling. Local farmers set up shop in the numerous sheds to sell fresh produce directly. To avoid missing the peak season between April and October, you should arrive early.

Honorable Mention: Publix, Rosewood Market

Best Place to Buy CBD Products — Crowntown Cannabis

Runner-up: Kure CBD & Vape

Sure, Crowntown Cannabis sells Delta 8 and all the other oils, vapes, capsules and concentrates you’d expect, but their customer service is what really makes them shine. With personalized service and expertise like Crowntown offers, it’s no wonder they took the top spot.

Honorable Mention: Garner’s Natural Life, Charleston Hemp Collective

Best Place To Buy Comic Books — Heroes and Dragons

Runner-up: Scratch N’ Spin

Heroes & Dragons has over 50,000 comics and thousands of vintage and new toys. They also have used books and pop culture. They also have a wide selection of collecting supplies, including a variety books and collectibles. They also buy and trade used comics, books, and DVDs. Heroes & Dragons is where geeks go to get geeky.

Honorable Mention: Charles & 2nd Cosmic Rays

Best Place to Buy Used Books — 2nd & Charles

Runner-up: Ed’s Editions

When buying used books, CDs or DVDs, selection is key. 2nd & Charles supports this idea and offers affordable prices as well as a huge variety of offerings regardless of where they’re located. Although they don’t have the charm and quirkiness of a local store, they still have the variety.

Honorable Mention: Odd Bird Books

Best Place to Buy Used/Vintage Musical Instruments — 2nd & Charles

The Music Store is the runner up

2nd & Charles has a wide selection of books and games. They also sell quality second-hand musical instruments. 2nd & Charles can help you find the right product at a fair price.

Honorable Mention: Star Music

Best Pottery Studio — Mad Platter

Southern Pottery Studio was named Runner-up

The charming Mad Platter pottery studio is located on Millwood Avenue. You go there to pick up a piece of pottery to paint (e.g. a mug or plate) and then you can start painting it. It is then fired by the friendly and helpful staff and you can return it to take home. Now you have beautiful pottery to take home.

Honorable Mention: SOTA Gallery

Best Shopping District — Devine Street

Runner-up: Trenholm Plaza

This area is just outside of the Five Points neighborhood. It offers a variety fancy spots like several boutiques and nail shops, as well as a few beauty treatments and spas. After the day’s all done, you can finish up with a drink from Craft and Draft.

Honorable Mention: Five Points, Main Street District

Best Smoke Shop — Planet Vapor

Runner-up: Seventh Sense

On planet Earth’s little abode called Columbia, there’s no better smoke shop than Planet Vapor. The shop has nine Midlands locations and offers all the eliquids and hookahs that you need.

Honorable Mention: Crowntown Cannabis, Sam’s Tobacco & Vape

Best Sporting Goods Store — Academy Sports + Outdoors

Runner up: Todd & Moore

Academy Sports + Outdoors, a Columbia-based company, stocks all types of sporting goods. This is a lot of products, but Academy Sports + Outdoors has a solution. They offer both outdoor and athletic sporting goods.

Honorable Mention: Dick’s, REI

Best Thrift Store — Goodwill

Runner-up Revente Luxury Resale

Oh Goodwill, how you’ve clothed many hip youngsters and adults alike or offered cost-effective housing wares and furniture to many. The de facto thrift store around the country, it’s no different here in Cola.

Honorable Mention: Sunshine Thrift Store and Mission Lexington Store.

Best Vaping Store — Planet Vapor

Runner-up: Jay’s Vape and Wellness Center

Vape Nation baby. The ever-popular smoking style that comes in many flavors may be under scrutiny from the feds, but you won’t get any of that at Planet Vapor. They will help you find the perfect oil and rig to create some delicious smoke.

Honorable Mention: Kure CBE & Vape, Sam’s Tobacco & Vape

Best Wine Store — Total Wine & More

Runner-up: Vino Garage

Harbison Center’s Total Wine & More is a big ole store filled with, you guessed it, wine. There’s beer and liquor too, along with a helpful website that lets you see what’s in store before you go. It’s a great way to find out if that 2006 chardonnay is in stock before you make the trek over. The shop has a wider selection than other shops in town, and that’s not all.

Honorable Mention: Bottles

Best Women’s Clothing — Scout & Molly’s

Runner-up: Just The Thing

Scout & Molly’s provides a friendly, personal boutique experience that is all about making sure everyone that comes in feels at home. The stylists at Scout & Molly’s are a highlight of the store. They provide honest feedback and guidance to help create your look.

Honorable Mention: Miss Cocky, Tall Oaks Boutique

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