Christmas 2021 toy sale dates for Ireland for Tesco (Smyths), Aldi, Lil, Argos, and more

Christmas is quickly approaching, and many smart shoppers will be looking for bargains to save money on Christmas Day.

Parents and families will be watching for sales announcements from major retailers to lower holiday prices.

Good news! You can now shop at some of the most recognizable Irish stores. toysPresents will be in high demand well before the best time of the year.

While some shops have confirmed when their toys sales will occur this year, others can still be predicted based off past Christmases.

Here are some dates for the Christmas 2021 toys sales in Ireland.


Tesco Ireland launched a massive toy sale last week, giving parents an opportunity to finish their Christmas shopping earlier.

According to the supermarket giants, the sale will be open between Thursday, October 7 and Thursday, October 31.

Many people will be looking for bargains before Christmas.

However, customers will need speed because the retailer stated that the items were not yet in stock. “while stocks last”.

A spokesperson for the shop stated that: “Tesco Ireland is on hand to help the eager Christmas shoppers on the lookout for an early offer. The Toy Sale is offering Tesco customers up to half price off some children’s toys and there’s something for everyone.”


Smyths Toys, a popular outlet for Christmas gifts for children, is keeping mum on the date of their products’ sale.

A spokesperson stated that “no toy sales specifically have been confirmed”Customers are encouraged to sign up for their email newsletters to receive weekly offers.

This announcement comes just one week after the company had sent a warning to parents in advance of the busy Christmas season.

Toy superstore advises parents that they start Christmas shopping early due to global shipping container issues.

Smyths stated that it is always a good thing to avoid disappointment and to shop early.

“While some toys may be in short supply, we will be in good stocks from now till the end of Christmas on the majority of toys.”

Based on past years’ experience, the popular half-price Smyths sale usually goes live online and in stores around the third week in October. This year’s date is predicted to be October 21.

Black Friday, like other retailers, will be a big day for bargain hunters. Many deals are expected around November 26.

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Aldi will soon launch a massive Christmas toys launch. Many parents hope to score big deals.

A spokesperson for the retail giant confirmed to the Irish Mirror that product releases were planned in advance of Christmas season. toysIt will be in place next week.

The spokesperson provided some information about specific products as well as upcoming releases, although the exact date and other details cannot be revealed until then.

Wooden toys – October 31 Christmas toy event – November 7 Christmas wreaths – November 11 Christmas lights and decorations – November 14

They also indicated that these dates could change slightly if there are shipping delays, or other issues.


Lidl will be another supermarket that is crowded with shoppers looking at bargains. It offers the most popular children’s products at bargain prices. toysIt’s almost a given.

The retailer confirmed that a major sale was only weeks away.

A spokesperson for Irish Mirror stated, “Christmas is in the cards.” toysThe first sale will take place on October 25.

This will be followed up by “a second large sale of toys”November 15,

Lidl “definitely”Black Friday sales will take place in November, even though there aren’t any confirmed deals.

Christmas shoppers will be looking for the best deals on gifts this holiday season.


Argos has yet not confirmed Christmas sale toysThis year.

It is possible they could start at the end of October.


Amazon, the online giant in shopping, will be a one-stop shop to many Christmas gift-buyers.

Black Friday, 26 November, will be a very important date on many people’s calendars. Prices will be reduced for some of the most in-demand products.

Cyber Monday, three days later, will be a big shopping day for many.

Amazon’s Christmas toy sales are not yet known, but customers are being encouraged to shop early in the year.

According to reports, the company encourages people not to buy Christmas presents in December because of global supply chain concerns.

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