Burberry and Sylvaniandrama join TikTok for the Lola Bag promotion

Ads. Are. Everywhere. And thIt It is is especially true when we’re talking social media. The amount of sponsored content (or sponcon, if you will) on apps like Instagram and TikTok is only getting larger by the day—but there isThere is a glimmer of hope. Sylvaniandrama is a beacon for hope in a world filled with blatant advertising, uncreative promotions, and blatant marketing.@SylvaniandramaTikTok

Toys for the Sylvanian Families collection—part of the Calico Critters brand—this delightfully unhinged account creates short Soap operas using animal figurines. It’s truly the distraction we all need at the end of a long day, and I *will* defend my right to binge said videos until the end of time. These mini Soap operas are so good, in fact, that I wasn’t the least bit bothered when one featured sponcon for Burberry. It actually had a reverse effect. I…want a Burberry Lola Bag now?

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I get it. We’re all susceptible to ads. It’s kind of the whole Point. But a luxury brand teaming up with a TikTok account that uses children’s toys as props to create v adult dramas? It’s such an unexpected pairing that I have to respect it. It makes me want the product even more. (!) Frankly, it’s the only sponcon that has ever mattered—or will continue to matter.

Designers and brands alike should pay attention. ThisThis is what people want!

Do you want to grab a Lola Bag now?

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Source: Burberry and Sylvaniandrama join TikTok for the Lola Bag promotion

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