Black Friday Deals on the Most Popular Toys and Toy Brands in 2021

A recent survey found that holiday shoppers in 2021 are more interested in deals than toys when it comes to buying gifts. 

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If you’re like Holiday shoppersCaptured and republished by a 2021 RetailMeNot surveyToys are high on your wish list and deals are extremely important. 71% of respondents said that discounts and deals are important to them. We have a story.

We searched hard and found it quickly. pre-Black Friday salesSome of the top-selling ToysHot Christmas items LOL Surprise, Lego, NerfAll of these and many more. Here are some of the discounted goodies we found. Amazon’s 2021 Toys We Love List. Supply chain issuesOr no, all prices except one were in stock at the time of publication. All prices were current as of publication. 

Let’s get on to the deals.

LOL Surprise! OMG House of Surprises 

Amazon Surprises with LOL

The holiday season 2021 could also be called the LOL Surprise holiday season. Save 20% on the OMG House of Surprises wooden toys range at $230 Amazon and Walmart. Each retailer had the dollhouse on sale for $184. Amazon says the toy is recommended for ages 4 to 14.

LOL Surprise OMG House of Surprises, $184 (reduced from $230)

Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set

Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set

Hasbro via Walmart

A top toy of the 2021 holiday season, per a Strategist survey of industry experts, the Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set is a next level Beystadium, with a spinning, battery-powered Motor Vortex. The set comes with two tops two launches. (Batteries not included Not included; you’ll need three AAs.) The set was listed at $63, with a $50 discount. This toy is recommended only for children 8 years oldAnd older.    

Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Motor Strike Battle Set – $50 (reduced by $60)

WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Locator – Walmart Exclusive

WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder (Walmart Glow in the Dark Exclusive)

Walmart – WowWee

WowWee’s Got2Glow Fairy FinderIs it a? Top Toy PickThe holiday season of 2021. Your family fairy hunter knows that the jar lights up when it is opened. “catch” a fairy. Walmart has described the one here as an exclusive editionThis includes fairies of the glow-in-the-dark variety. It’s normally $40 but is on sale for $35 Recommended for children 5 years and older  

WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder (Walmart Glow-in-the Dark Exclusive), $35 (reduced From $40)

Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696

Lego via Amazon

One of Amazon’s most popular toys This 484-piece box contains timeless Lego Classic bricks was going for $24 on the retail site. This is more than 30% lower than the $35 price list. Recommended for children 4 years and older 

Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 109696, $24 (reduced 35%)

Baby Alive Lulu Achoo doll

Baby Alive Lulu Achoo doll

Hasbro via Walmart

The Walmart Top Seller, 12-inch Baby Alive Lulu Achoo dollIt’s being sold by the retailer at $37, which is more that 25% off the $53 price list. Baby Alive Lulu Achoo – as the name implies, is a sneezer. The battery-powered doll covers her lips with baby-doll fingers, much to the delight and delight of the CDC. The package comes with three AA batteries. Lulu Achoo’s human keeper can monitor her baby-doll’s health using a variety accessories, including a thermometer or toy stethoscope. Lulu Achoo can use a light up nose or forehead to indicate her medical condition. Lulu Achoo was able to choose from three hair colors black (pictured), brown and blonde. Prices vary. At last look on the Walmart site, the blonde-haired doll ($37) was slightly less expensive than the other two (priced at $39 each). Recommended for ages 3 up.    

Baby Alive Lulu Achoo doll, black hair, $39 (reduced from $53)

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Sideswipe XXI-1200 

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Sideswipe XXI-1200

Hasbro via Amazon

At last look, the dealsAnd stock were plentiful on one of the 2021 holiday season’s prized Nerf blasters. Amazon, Target and Walmart all had theNerf Rival Sideswipe Curve Shot Sideswipe IXI-1200 going for $20, about 30% off its $26 list price. Twelve Nerf rounds are included; batteries are not required. Recommended for ages 14 and up. 

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Sideswipe XXI-120, $20 (reduced from $26)

My Squishy Little Dumplings dolls

My Squishy Little Dumplings dolls

WowWee via Walmart

Walmart had the best price (by a penny) that we found on this buzzed-about toy. The babbling, cooing, responsive My Squishy Little Dumpling dolls come in a variety of identities — and colors. At Walmart, you could get Dee, the pink one (pictured), Dot, the blue one, and Dip, the turquoise one, for $12 each, or 20% off the $15 list price. Coco, the one that’s described as looking like a cotton-candy cloud, was also available via Walmart, but for $15.

My Squishy Little Dumplings – Dee – Pink, $12 (reduced from $15)

Dinobros dinosaur toy cars (6 pack)

Dinobros dinosaur toy cars

Dinobros via Amazon

One of Amazon’s top-sellers, and one of the biggest deals on this list, this set of six dinosaur-shaped toy cars from Dinobros is available for $13 when you apply the coupon before checkout, down from its list price of $30. These toys are kid-powered, no batteries required. Recommended for ages 3 to 5.

Dinobros dinosaur toy cars (6 pack), $13 after coupon (reduced from $30)

Star Wars the Child talking toy 

Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy

Hasbro via Amazon

If the animatronic Star Wars Galactic Snackin’ Grogu toy is out of your price range (the Amazon holiday toy pick was going for $79 on the site — slightly discounted from the $85 list price), then you may be able to please the little “Mandalorian” fan on your list with the Star Wars the Child talking toy. It was being offered at 15% off its $26 list price by retailers such as Amazon Target. Batteries included. Recommended for ages 3 to 5.   

Star Wars the Child talking toy, $22 (reduced from $26)

(OUT OF STOCK MAGIC MIXIES – Magical Misting Cauldron

Magic Mixies - Magical Misting Cauldron

Moose Toys via Walmart

One of Toy Insider’s “Hot 20” toysThe Magic Misting Cauldron, which produces plush toys, is almost impossible for 2021 to find at its $70 retail price. Even less, at a discounted price. We have a Walmart button so you can check for restocks. The toy was available for as low $54. Although it will likely take a lot of magic to score one, it doesn’t hurt if you click. 

Magic Mixies – Magical Misting Cauldron (Pink), $54

Magic Mixies – Magical Misting Cauldron (Blue), $54

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Source: Black Friday Deals on the Hottest ToysAnd Toy Brands of 2021

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