Best Smartwatches for Children Tested by Mom and Son

Apple Watch SE is the Best All-Around Smartwatch For Kids


It was certain that it would be there list so it probably isn’t hard to figure out which watch took the top spot. The Apple Watch SE GPS plus cellular with Family Setup definitely takes the smartwatch cake. It has every feature you could imagine and Family Setup makes it even more useful. parents can check their kid’s location, set up personalized activity goals, and set school-time hours where the watch’s functionality is limited.

The Apple Watch has a talkie-talkie feature, which I thought would be a hassle, but it was actually something I really liked. You can talk to your neighbor across the yard with just a push of a button. No need to make a call. It’s time to go for dinner. Walkie-talkie. You need to walk the dog? Walkie-talkie. Want to drop a quick message? “I love you”? Walkie-talkie. It’s super convenient.

The setup was simple and straightforward, the battery life was amazing, and the watch looks sleek and low-profile. I have one caveat, though: if you’re not an iPhone user, tread lightly. To facilitate testing, we were sent two watches and an iPhone by Apple. I have always been an Android user. I approached it with an open mind and was ready to love everything I could about the watches (which I did!). I didn’t like the phone. We only tested for four days, which doesn’t feel like enough time to really get used to an entirely new way of doing phone things, so we’re going to give it another shot because honestly, those watches are amazing.

Technical Specifications There are two versions of Apple Watch SE, one with GPS only (which allows messaging and calls when paired with a nearby phone) and one with GPS and LTE cellular, which works independently through Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile/Sprint services. It is waterproof up to 50 meters and can store 32G. The battery can be used for 18 hours.

Source: Tested by a mother and son, the best smartwatches for kids

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