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What era do your thoughts go to when you hear the word? “retro?” The ’90s? The ’50s? As it happens, you’ll find toys from both of those decades and several in between on the market today. Before we move on to the best retro toys, let’s talk about the lingo.

TheMerriam-Webster DictionaryDefinition of the word “retro”As meaning: “relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past: fashionably nostalgic or old-fashioned.”

Now, to be sure, that definition doesn’t cast retro things in a pejorative light, but it does certainly allude to them being out-of-date, even if not without merit. Today, though, we’re taking things in an entirely positive direction; the items featured on our list of the best retro toysAlthough they may be classics of the past, they are just as enjoyable today as they were when first appeared on store shelves or were wrapped and placed under the tree all those years ago.

In other words: While a Nintendo SwitchOr a 3Doodler 3D PenThis might make a great gift for a child (and, hey, a).Snapmaker 3D printerThis could make a great gift You…), you won’t see anything like that here, because those devices haven’t stood the test of time. But the retro toys below sure have, so you can count on them to make great gifts this holiday season just like they have for years—or even for decades.

Did you know that the Razor Scooter has been in production for a third of its ten years? The Model A was launched in 2000. It was a huge success, selling millions of units in its first few months. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor riding, and is suitable for children of various sizes and ages.Yvolution Electric Scooter YESRazor scooters are a great way for you to have some fun and get your kicks if that’s what you want.

Although the Spirograph was first used in the 1800s, it is possible that there are versions of the device. Classic toyThe first time that you loved as a child was in 1965. There are many versions, but the current one is the same as the one that you have today.

If you were a child in the 1980s, then you probably remember when the OG Koosh ballIt came out. It was an instant hit with kids all over the world, and many dogs too. Why? Because throwing and catching a ball has always been a fun activity. And when they’re easy to catch and hard to get hurt by, the fun only increases.

In 1973, a couple of moms and their sons invented the first version.Shrinky DinksSince then, they have been a favorite toy. It’s fun to create artwork. “magically”Shrinky Dinks will shrink after a few minutes in an oven. However, they are great for children who want to make ornaments or gifts that they can then give to others.

It’s the Strategy is a classic form of strategy. It challenges wits to one another. It challenges you to see just how long you can keep making intentionally poor moves so you don’t immediately defeat your child! But he or she won’t know you’re going easy on them, they’ll just be having fun playing with you.

Technically, it’s OK LoogAlthough it isn’t a well-known brand, the company was founded in 2010. However, a guitar is a timeless gift. With their guitars that are fun and easy to use, children will enjoy learning how to pay and may even stick with it. They might soon be playing on a large six string.

Our research has shown that D.A. channels are most effective. From “The Magic School Bus,” Lincoln LogsThey have been around for almost a century. While fun on its own, as has been the case for all those many decades, what’s best about this classic building toy is how using Lincoln Logs invites the use of other playthings, like action figures or other building materials.

These timeless wooden trains were popularized in the 1950s. They will likely continue to be popular in the 2050s as well as the 2150s. A great train set can bring hours of imaginative play and allows kids to tie other toys, such as action figures or building toys. You can always go with a Christmas-themed train settIf you want to increase the holiday gifting experience,

This is another example of a company that is newer than the Loog guitar but which is still a very important one. A timeless toy—kids simply love chasing and popping bubbles—and so do some adults. Plus, when the bubbles are high quality and the brand has sustainability high in mind, who cares if these aren’t the exact same bubbles you played with as a kid?

Hape has been making puzzles (and other toys) since the late 1980s, and today there’s a Hape puzzle for everyone, from a huge glow-in-the-dark puzzle that’s nearly four feet across to the simplest four-piece puzzlesBabies can play with everything, from small pieces to large complex puzzles. Their puzzles can be used again and again.

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