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Roadshow loves cars. I hope this is obvious, but for most of our viewers, our love of cars predates the ability to drive them. How did we get our automotive passions as children? Many of us were addicted to radio-controlled cars as children, and some of them have never stopped loving them.

There are many remote-controlled cars available today. There are many remote control options. Race carson the road. These include two-wheel drive monsters, both gas-powered and battery electric. trucks and buggies. Monster trucks and drift car., and rock crawlers equipped with locking differentials and portal axles. Tamiya has a wide variety of wild creations for those who are more creative and imaginative. This is before we even get to the vehicle’s scale and size.

Although it can be difficult to get into remote-controlled cars, we are here to help. You can now strap in, charge your radios and get ready for radio-controlled cars. There are many choices, from a fast one to a more complex one. Toy carFor a rugged terrain rock climber.


RC cars can be compared to real cars in that they are specialized. On-road touring cars are low and fast while rock climbers can climb almost any height. The Traxxas Maxix lies somewhere in between these extremes. The TraxxasMaxx is a monster truck, with large tires and shock absorbers for off-roading. It has a lot more power than other monster trucks, and it is also lower to the ground, making it easier off-road.

Like all Traxxas radio controlled toy vehicles, Maxx is available ready for you to drive. The Maxx comes completely assembled and ready to go. This is a great RC vehicle for all types of activities. While you won’t win any races with it you will have plenty to jump it over. That’s even more fun.


Like our first truck, the Team Losi Mini B RC buggy arrives ready to run. The Mini B focuses on fun and not on performance. However, unlike the Maxx the Mini B can be controlled remotely from a small car.

The Mini B costs just $160 and comes with a battery. It can be easily carried in a backpack to be taken to the park or backyard. friend to enjoy speed and style without worrying that they might damage a more expensive modelVehicle for RC powered by batteries


Remote control cars are often thought of as being for kids, but with as much as some of these things cost, I’d be nervous about handing the controller over to an eight-year-old. Feiyue FY-15 1/20-scale remote control truck is a great option.

It’s a bargain at just $100. It can also be purchased ready-to-run so that you just need to charge the battery and get on your journey. It’s also not super fast, with speeds topping out around 7 mph, and all-wheel drive means it should be easier to control even for kids unused to driving radio-controlled vehicles. It should be enjoyable off-road and on-road, as with many of our other remote controlled car picks.


The Traxxas Rustler, like the FY-15 should be a great first or second RC vehicle for children. This battery-powered, toy buggy is made from tough reinforced plastic so it shouldn’t break. Traxxas offers spare parts to fix it if it breaks. It is 1/10 scale and looks more like the expensive remote-control cars. The electric car is also ready for use.

You have the option of a Rustler that is either two-wheeled or four-wheel driven. This allows your child to jump easily from a Rustler into a more sophisticated stadium truck if they choose to do off-road RC race.


Sometimes you want to get a remote control car that you can drive anywhere — even in the house — and you don’t want to go crazy spending tons of money on it. The Kyosho mini Z is your answer. These tiny, battery-powered dudes come pre-run with some of the most beautiful, detailed, and sturdy bodies. There are also many other vehicles that can be purchased, including Race cars, 4×4 trucks, and everything in between.

The Mini Z is, as you might expect, small (1/27-scale), which makes it easy and enjoyable to set up indoor tracks and race with other people, even in bad weather. The batteries last a long time and, unlike other RC cars that use lithium-ion batteries, the Mini Z uses AAA cells. I challenge you to have more fun using RC cars starting at $200

Tower Hobbies

Many of the RC cars or trucks on this list are designed to have fun and not speed. The Mugen Seiki MTX7 is a completely different car. It’s powered with a tiny combustion engine that makes it not only super-fast, but also sounds great. The MTX7 chassis is made from exotic materials like carbon fiber and was designed to accelerate on roads.

All this excellence comes at an expense. In this case, the cost is just shy 1,000. Roadshow staff have all owned full size cars for less $1,000, but none of them performed the same as the MTX7. You will need to purchase your own radio, receivers, and servos for the Mugen Seiki Nitro car. This is different from most other battery cars.


Drifting is a huge sport. It’s thrilling to watch, but it’s difficult to do well. What was once an Sport made from disposable and cheap carsIt has become prohibitively costly. The RC community has stepped in to save the day by offering purpose-built RC vehicles such as the RMX 2.0S from MST.

The RC drift cars are made of hard plastic tires and have a wide steering angle. They can also be rear- or all-wheel-driven. The best thing about RC drift cars is that you don’t have have to worry about replacing bumpers or quarter panels if you lose control. Even if your RC car has to be replaced, it won’t cost a lot. It’s a win-win situation.


RC rock crawling, like RC drifting, has gained popularity in recent years and we’re at a point now where crazy capable and realistic-looking remote control rock crawlers are available ready-to-run from companies like Traxxas.

The TRX-4 remote-control crawler is one of the most popular. It has a locking front, rear and robust portal axles. They look like a GWagen. The chassis comes in many different styles. We are especially fond of the Land Rover Defender. The TRX-4 is a popular model. There’s a lot of aftermarket so you can customize your truck to fit your needs.


Team Associated has existed for decades. Its RC10 series, remote control off-road racing cars, has become a legend for being fast and sturdy. This is a dirt-jumping, race-winning battery-electric vehicle with a healthy aftermarket.

This is a serious RC truck, but it’s not expensive. You can buy the basic RC10T6 kit for $350. You will need to add your radio or electronics. These RC10T6s will be a popular choice at your local RC track. They work.


In the early aughts Traxxas introduced the T-Maxx nitro powered RC monster truck. It was massive, had a huge drivetrain, large tires, a plush suspension, and was quite heavy. It was also very efficient and fun to drive in parks and backyards. Traxxas still makes the T-Maxx in 2021. However, it has been through many revisions over time.

It can run on fuel without any problems, which is incredible. It’s also highly-tech, as you can download the Traxxas application and the truck’s electronics with your device will communicate wirelessly with it. Telemetry can be viewed and adjusted to a variety of parameters. The T-Maxx-3.3 comes with a two-speed, forward-only transmission as well as metal gears. It should take a lot of abuse, as well as the truck’s drivetrain.


Tamiya is perhaps the most well-known name for remote control toys and while its product ranges from children to adults,It produces everything from toys to detailed models of tanks and semitrucks, as well as some very competitive touring cars. The TA07RR, a perfect example, is one such vehicle.

The TA07RR is a kit, but it has some serious performance benefits, such as carbon fiber construction and belt driven four-wheel drive. You will need to bring your electronics, body and other items to the party, but you will be rewarded with a 1/10-scale replica of the RC. Race carIt is comparable to full-size cars.

ComparisonThe best RC cars for 2021

ModelPowerRTR or KitPriceOverall, best RC carTraxxas MaxxElectricReady to be $647Best RC car overall runner-upTeam Losi Mini-B 1/16 scale buggyElectricReady to Run$160Best RC car to buy for kidsFeiyue FY-15ElectricReady will run$107Best RC car for kids runner-upTraxxas 2WDElectricReady Traxxas Rustler to run$230Best cheap RC carKyosho Mini ZElectricReady to Run$210If money is no object, best RC carMugen Seiki MTX7NitroKit$950Best RC car for driftingMST RMX2.0 SElectricKit$225Best RC car for rock climbingTraxxas TRX-4ElectricReady to Run$589Best off-road RC vehicleTeam Associated RC10T6ElectricKit$360Best RC monster truckTraxxas TMaxx 3.3NitroReady to be run$569Best RC car for speedTamiya T07RR touring carElectricKit$523

Living the RC Car Life

Radio-controlled cars are a great hobby that allows you to go from a fun, inexpensive car like the Kyosho Mini Z to a high-speed, competitive racecar with many stops in between. It’s fun for kids and adults and it’s a great way of teaching kids some of the Technical aspects of working on cars. Given how much time we spend at home, RC cars can be a great alternative to watching too many British police procedurals.

If you are interested in RC cars, find your local hobby shop. These shops usually have people who have been involved for many years in this hobby and will be happy share their knowledge to anyone just starting out. Next, find the hobby you are interested in and then start to dive in. You can’t go wrong if you don’t want to do this.

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