Best LEGO summer 2021: Best LEGO Star Wars Kits and all the rest


After a batch of new LEGO sets launched as part of the summer lineup at the start of the month, we’ve been reviewing all of the new Star Wars sets throughout August. Now that the dust has settled on the collection, we’re looking at seven of the builds to see which stand above the others. Here’s a closer look LEGO Star WarsComparisons of summer 2021 kit options and which one we think the best.

Hands-on with the best of LEGO’s summer 2021 lineup

The LEGO Star Wars summer 2021 setsIt was the second LEGO Star Wars collection. This Set included eight LEGO Star Wars exclusives designs. While we’re still waiting to deliver a hands-on look at the UCS Republic GunshipFor the moment, we will only be listing the best sets in the wave.

You will find a lot of new minifigures in this pack and marking some of the very first times we’ve seen several of the vehicles in brick-built form, you can get all of the details on the creations down below.

1. Bad Batch Shuttle

The LEGO Star Wars summer collection’s best LEGO Star WarsBad Batch Shuttle is the set. Delivering on unique theming and an even more eye-catching build, it’s the best creation from the lineup and more than justifies its $119.99 Price point

There aren’t too many areas that the set cut corners, and backs its 969 pieces with five exclusive minifigures. If that weren’t already enough (it very well will be for many builders) the set delivers one of the most eye-catching vehicles from a galaxy far, far away thanks to its light blue color scheme. You won’t find a build that stands out quite as much from other sets in such a pleasant way than the Bad Batch Shuttle, which makes it entirely deserving of being the best of the LEGO summer 2021 lineup.

You can get a closer look at why this build has secured the best of the wave in our full hands-on review, or just go lock-in your order on the build yourself.

2. Darth Vader Meditation Room

The Darth VaderMeditation Chamber is second to our first place winner. The set, which recreates an iconic moment from The Empire Strikes Back’s opening sequence and is second-most adult-oriented, is the most impressive from the summer 2021 Lego Star Wars collection.

Though it’s not just the design that makes this build worthy of such praise, as the subject matter is definitely yet another highlight. The scene with Darth Vader in his chambers is one of the more iconic moments in the film, and it’s great to finally it assembled in LEGO form. This set is suitable for even older builders. $69.99 SetThis is our top pick, and our hands-on review confirms that.

3. The Imperial

The Imperial Armored Marauder was ranked in the top three, and is deserving. LEGO Star Wars’ summer lineup. Even if the vehicle hasn’t enjoyed that much screen time in the live action canon, it’s a staple for many older Kenner toys may have been a favorite toy growing up versions.

This build lives up to the nostalgic image. You can use the minifigures to build an army or expand your Stormtrooper force. Particularly the Artillery trooper.

This is why the Armored Marauder is my favorite set. It delivers on every level. $39.99 Price point You can get a closer look at the overall experience right here, but then it’s time for the next set in the lineup.

4. Imperial Light Cruiser

The Imperial Light Cruiser LEGO Star Wars’ fourth best summer 2021 set. There’s plenty to write home about the set, especially considering its size, though the final build just doesn’t live up to its larger proportions. LEGO didn’t deliver the most exciting build from the exterior in some areas, and the lackluster interior doesn’t make for much of a better case.

Though the stellar selection of minifigures certainly helps, as you’re looking at the most diverse and overall largest selection of characters from the whole collection. This makes the Imperial Light Cruiser an attractive choice. The $159.99Price pointAll the details can be seen in our hands-on evaluation.

5. Mandalorian starfighter

Into the lower side of the list, the Mandalorian Starfighter enters as a notable build that lacks the same popularity you’d find in other sets in the LEGO Star Wars summer 2021 lineup. It features a striking design with unique play capabilities.

This set is essential to Clones and Mandalorians. Fans of the Wars. It’s just not going to have the same notoriety as the other builds. The $59.99The priceIt might not be suitable for product design. This is what our hands-on inspection reveals.

6. Duel on Mandalore

The LEGO Star Wars Duel SetThis is the lowest ranking on this list. It was voted the most beautiful. set for summer2021 by the more well-known kits. That being said, there’s still plenty of value to be had from the Duel on Mandalore kit, Particularly when you consider its $36.99 Price tag

As the most affordable set, it just doesn’t have the display-worthy focus or attention to detail foundYou can find the rest of this collection here. These minifgures look great, but it seems that this is the standard. Star Wars. Well, accept our last place contender. Take a look at our detailed review to help you make a decision.

7. Slave 1

We rank the Slave 1 at the bottom of our list for best. LEGO Star Wars sets LEGO summer 2021. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still a solid It has a record of its own and does a great deal assembling the iconic vehicle at an affordable price.It’s the most popular point in years. But compared to the rest of the lineup, it’s the least well-rounded of the new kits.

One, the quality of the minifigures is a little low. Implementation of Boba Fett in his more recent form misses the mark, and the inclusion of Beskar Mando isn’t all too enticing considering the figure has been in several sets so far this year. It’s a wonderful experience to be able board the iconic ship. the.$49.99 The setIt is not cheap, but it has many competitors. All details are available in our hands on coverage.

The lineup is one of the best in recent memory. LEGO Star Wars lineup, there’s so much to write home about on the summer 2021 lineup. It includes everything from The Clone and offers the most extensive coverage of faraway galaxies. Wars to Original TrilogyThe Mandalorian. So suffice to say, there’s plenty to like about the collection.

All that’s to say, this is one of the best LEGO Star Wars Collections we’ve had years. There are so many great options, even the ones at the bottom of this list. Which set is your favorite from the new collection? Please comment below to tell us about your favorite set from this new wave.

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