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It is possible for parents of seven-year-olds to not feel it at times but this stage is often considered. ‘the age of reason’ – a developmental phase where kids get to grips with logical reasoning and rational thought.

There are many options for gift-buying seven year-olds. At seven, children are beginning to think and play independently, form opinions on what they like – and what they don’t – and move away from one-size-fits-all toys, towards personal interests and tastes.

Around this age, many children can read independently – so age-appropriate books and magazines are a great gift option for curious little minds. Toys that have realistic details and movable figures are great gifts. They offer imaginative play opportunities in a small world.

These children are still developing their fine motor skills, and make great gifts with craft and activities sets. Pay attention to age recommendations on packaging. Seven-year olds are often eager for independence and will be happy to complete the activity by themselves.

Toys that are based on their favorite TV programs are another option. Spend some time getting acquainted with them. We’ve scoured the shelves to round up the best gifts for this age group, which they’ll be genuinely happy to receive.

Here are the top ten

6-month Britannica Magazine Subscription


Do you recall how you used to load the Encyclopaedia Britannica DVD for homework? The company’s latest venture for kids, Britannica MagazineThe monthly magazine is printed in print and contains interesting facts and real-life stories. It is intended for children aged 7-14.

There are 10 issues a year and you can subscribe for 6 or 12 months, with various incentives including a chunky children’s encyclopaedia if you plump for the full year. In an age of Google and Alexa, it’s refreshing to have fun, educational content that’s not delivered via a screen or an app. Our 7-year-old test reader read the first issue from cover to cover. It must have tasted good.

Chocolate Dinosaur Excavation Kit

Choc on Choc

It doesn’t matter if they’re a fan of dinosaurs or not – this Chocolate Dinosaur Excavation Kit is great fun. The little tin is full of crumbly soil – AKA biscuit crumbs – with chocolate dino fossils hidden inside. Use the little brush to find your chocolate treats. Next, place your treasures in a container.

There’s a more ghoulish graveyard version available, plus lots more chocolate activity kits where you melt chocolate to create all sorts of edible treats. We like that the excavation kit doesn’t require any parental help though – and any mess is edible.

Bakugan Evolutions & Bakugan Genesis Collection Pack


We were alarmed when our testers started throwing these palm-sized Bakugan Evolutions toys on the floor, until we realised that’s all part of the fun. Designed to be rolled, these colourful little balls pop open to reveal a Bakugan figure inside – and the idea is to battle against your friends.

These toys are a spin-off from the anime series. Bakugan Genesis Collection contains everything you need to get started. The two lights-up Bakugan were the most popular with our testers. It’s easy to show them off your friends with the display stands.

Schleich Lakeside Riding Centre 42567


Part of Schleich’s Horse Club range, this substantial Lakeside Riding Centre set makes a great big-ticket gift. This set includes three horses and two articulated female figures. Amazing detail was hand-painted.

There are horse stalls downstairs, and a hay loft upstairs that has cute sleeping bags. Connectable fences can also be connected to create a small paddock. You can buy additional models in the same range to add more horses. The playset is aimed at kids aged 5-12, and this is definitely one you’ll want to put in the loft for the grandkids.

Don’t Buy Her Flowers Build Your Own Kids’ Gift Box

Don’t Buy Her Flowers

If you’re not able to see your recipient on their birthday, or you just can’t decide what to get for them, this Build Your Own Kids’ Gift Box from Don’t Buy Her Flowers is a great idea. Each package contains a unique combination gift for children aged 4-11 years old. You can choose from a variety of items to suit your child’s needs.

There are bath items, books, baking sets and more, and you can add gift wrapping (£3) and a personal message. Pop their address in, pay, and your parcel will be on its way in no time – no trip to the Post Office needed.

Little Brian Scribble Paint Sticks


We really like these Little Brian Scribble paint sticks – they look like pens, twist up and down like glue sticks, and paint neatly without the need for brushes or water. That means they pack away into a pencil case nice and easily too, and the easy application and 60-second drying time means there’s no messy spills and minimal clearing up.

Six metallic paints were very popular with our testers. There are six classic colours aswell as six day-glow brights. We tested ours on wood as well as paper and they worked brilliantly – just make sure the lids click back on so they don’t dry out.

Recycling Collectibles 4 pack


These adorable Recyclings collectibles made of 70% recycled plastics are as cute as their name. Five bottles tops are saved each time one of these adorable characters appears. The packaging is 100% recyclable. There are over 90 characters you can collect and then swap. Each one doubles as an extra pencil topper.

You can buy them as part of a larger playset or as individual Recyclings, but this 4-pack was our testers’ favourite. At a neat £10, it makes a budget-friendly birthday party gift or a great stocking filler, and it’s refreshing to see a more sustainable toy option that isn’t simply made from paper.

Raleigh Pop 20-inch Kids Bike


Seven is a great age to buy a bike, and it’s a great way for kids to get out on the streets. We found Raleigh’s Pop bike to be surprisingly light considering the sturdy frame and chunky wheels, which really made a difference to our tester’s confidence – and meant they could move the bike around independently even when they weren’t actually riding it.

The Pop frame comes in lots of different kids’ sizes, but the 20-inch bike works well for ages 6-9. The classic colours work for both boys and girls, which is great if they’ve got a younger sibling to eventually hand the bike down to.

Camomile London Lucia Floral Pyjama set


If you’re looking for the perfect kids’ PJs, we love the Lucia floral pyjama set from London-based brand, Camomile. Crafted from a light, soft cotton, they’re designed in a classic floral print that’s feminine but not overly girly – something that our allergic-to-pink tester loved.

They make great gifts as they have a comfortable elasticated waistline, beautiful piped edges, and patch pockets. They come in a pretty cotton bag, too, so there’s no need for wrapping – and there are lots more designs including an adults’ version of the Lucia Floral set, so you can match with your mini-me at bedtime.

Clementoni Harry Potter Wizarding World Hagrid’s Hut Terrarium

Wizarding World

This Hagrid’s Hut Terrarium set is really hands-on. First, kids will need to build Hagrid’s magical hut – and the little pumpkins that sit outside it – from plaster of Paris using the moulds included. Then they’ll need to use the paints to decorate it, and only then are they ready to start planting.

You can make a beautiful little garden with soil, soil, sand, and rocks. Much to our testers’ delight, ours sprouted after just a couple of days – and they had lots of fun tending to their tiny garden.

Morris & Co x Dockatot Tent of Dreams

Morris & Co.

There are also play tents. Luxurious play tents – and this Morris & Co x Dockatot Tent of Dreams falls into the latter bracket. It is made of cotton canvas and covered in a Morris & Co printed. The final touch are the flouncy, tassels.

Kids, meanwhile, get a private place to play, daydream or read – complete with a little door and window – that requires no assembly and is easy to move from room to room. Finish it with a matching floor cushion and you won’t see them for days.

Pokémon Sobble Plush


Are you looking to find a gift that costs less than tenners? This cute Pokémon Sobble plush went down a treat with our Pokémon obsessed tester. From the world of Pokémon Sword and Shield, Sobble is – apparently – a water-type character who cries when he’s scared, hence the name.

The plush version, 20cm in length, is super soft and perfect for cuddling. Our tester did exactly that. There are many characters you can collect, including Squirtle and Pikachu. You can build a decent collection of characters without spending a lot.

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