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Which cat Advent calendars are best?

Advent calendars make it easy to count down days until Christmas. It’s even more fun to share your advent calendar with your cat. friends. An Advent calendarYou can count down the days until December with this cat treat. This is how it works Advent calendarThe cat-friendly toys section is filled with cat-friendly goodies, such as catnip-stuffed or tasty treats. toys and jinglebell balls. If you’re looking for an all-around fun and high-quality cat Advent calendar, the FalvaiCreative Cat Treat 24-Day Advent Calendar is the purr-fect choice.

You can also have pets friends. What gifts are you looking to buy family members? These gift guides can be a great resource.

Before you buy a cat Advent Calendar here are some things you should consider

There are many to choose. Advent calendars for pets available, but many of them focus on dogs rather than cats. If you’re looking for a feline-specific Advent calendarThere are many things you should consider, including the type of advent planner your cat would love and whether or not it will be reused year after year.

Types of advent Calendars

Cat Advent calendarsYou can find edible and non-edible treats. toys.

Edible cat Advent calendars come with treats for your cat stuffed inside each day’s compartment. However, your cat may find their way inside the calendar when you’re not looking, so you may need to store it out of reach when it’s not time to open a new day’s treat.

Advent calendarsCat treats toys are often included in a cat’s food supply. These are great calendars for cats who aren’t as motivated by food or who may need a new batch of toysEnjoy the rest of the year. Catnip toysSome cats may find toys overwhelming. Others cats might not like them as much. Your cat’s preferences should be taken into consideration cat’s behavior with each toyAdjust if necessary. Make sure toys are properly stored.


Many cats Advent calendarsYou can throw them away, but you can reuse them year after year. Many Advent calendarsThese calendars come with either 12-24 or 25 bags or boxes that can be stored and then re-stuffed every holiday season. These calendars can be reused many times, so they are more expensive. However, they allow you to customize what you give your cat each day, making your cat’s Advent calendarYou will have a more personal experience.

What should you look for when choosing an Advent calendar for cats

Nombre of days

Some Advent calendarsEach compartment has 24 compartments. These calendars have something for every day from December to Christmas Eve. Some calendars 25 compartments available for Christmas. There are also smaller versions. Advent calendarsWith 12 compartments to celebrate Christmas. “12 Days of Christmas.”


When making calendars that include treats for your cat, take into account allergies and sensitivities. Also, you should consider the quality of the treats and how many you are giving. Premium calendars for cats might include whole meals while simpler calendars may only offer a few treats per day.

Calendars with toysTake into account the types of toysYour cat’s preference for catnip and their reaction to it. While most cats react to catnip, some don’t like it at all, and that may be a turnoff if catnip toysInclude it in your Advent Calendar.


Pay attention to the number of calories in your cat’s Advent calendar treats. Larger or dense treats may have more calories, so you may need to adjust your cat’s regular food accordingly.

How much money can you afford to buy an Advent calendar for cats

The majority of cats Advent calendarsThese items are priced between $15-$30. You will also find more expensive options, which can range from $15 to $30 depending on their contents, number of days and the quality and price of the materials.

FAQ about the Cat Advent calendar

Is it okay for your cat to eat the cat treats in the cat Advent Calendars?

A. Most likely yes, but check with your veterinarian for more details on your specific cat’s dietary needs. Most cats are happy with their diet. Advent calendarsReputable cat food companies make these products. If your cat has allergies to food or other food sensitivities, you should read the labels carefully. Cat treats that are safe for adult cats may not be suitable to kittens. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian.

Do you want a cat Advent Calendar that includes treats? toys?

A. Your cat’s favorite activities will influence the advent calendar you choose. Advent calendarsFor cats who are food-motivated, treats are a good option. Cats who are passionate about hunting and stalking, hunting, pounce, and other pursuits, may find more enjoyment. Toys are more fun than treats. Both are fine if your cat enjoys both. toysAdvent calendars can include both.

What are the best cat Advent calendars to buy?

Advent Calendar for Top Cats

ATDAWN Christmas Advent Calendar 2021, 24 Mini Animal Plush toys Set

Here are some things that you should know Children love the Countdown to Christmas. A toy can help you increase the holiday excitement. Advent calendar! This Christmas Advent calendarChildren can find fun surprises behind 24 doors and take out a small gift from the drawer.

What you’ll love: Each plush Toys comes with a loop on the top. These cute animals can be attached to your backpack, keys, pencil cases, backpack, cars and any other place you choose.

Here are some points to be aware of Shipping costs are not included Included in the purchase price.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cat Advent calendars for less

Merry & Bright Holiday Feline So Festive With Cat Toys 25-Day Advent Calendar

Merry & Bright Holiday Feline so Festive with Cat Toys 25 Day Advent Calendar

Here are some things that you should know This Advent CalendarFeatures 25 days of Christmas-themed toys for cats

What you’ll love: It has a wide variety of toys. It includes a combination o plush toys. It is filled with catnip and contains a mixture yarn balls, crinkle balls and jingleballs that are suitable for all ages. This Calendar is different than other cat advents calendars. It has 25 doors, which allow your cat to open them. Christmas Day gift.

Here are some points to be aware of If your cat isn’t excited about playing with stand-alone toysIf you are a fan of jingle bells or balls, this might not be the right option for you.

Where to buy: Sold by PetSmart

Worth checking out

Purina Fancy Feast Feastivities Wet Cat Food Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Purina Fancy Feastivities Wet Cat Food Purina Feast Feastivities

Here are some things that you should know This is a very luxurious cat Advent calendarEach door comes with a 3-ounce limited-edition holiday dish.

What you’ll love: If your kitty loves wet food, they’ll love this Advent calendar. Each day of the 24-day calendar comes complete with a can salmon, chicken, or turkey recipe. Each can is Fancy Feast adult food.

Here are some points to be aware of These canned cat food cans do not suit kittens.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon
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