Best ADHD Toys for Adults

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What are the best ADHD fidget toys?

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ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder) is not limited to children. Adults with ADHD can also fidget with things. This fidgeting becomes a problem when it’s done at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Fidget toys can be a solution.

What are the best ADHD fidget toys? These are the top nine fidget toys that will help you quieten your jitters discreetly.

  1. MAGTIMES Anti Anxiety Fidget Spinner
  2. Thumbs UK Fidget Pen
  3. Mobii Fidget Ball
  4. Antsy Labs Fidget Cube
  5. Roller Chain by Tom’s Fidgets
  6. X Hot Popcorn Bean Keychain
  7. Puffer Ball from Curious Minds Busybags
  8. J. C. Walsh Connemara Worrystone
  9. Top Chi Baoding Balls

If you’d like to know more about these recommendations, keep reading. However, before that, let’s understand what these fidget toys really are, how they work, and what purpose they truly serve.

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What is a Fidget Toy and How Does It Work?

Fidget toys come in many shapes and sizes. They are designed to assist with small hand/foot movements. They also provide tactile input. The word “toy,” in this context, is a misnomer – particularly when it comes to fidget toys for adults.

They’re more of a tool that serves a specific purpose – helping with attention, self-regulation, and calming. These tools are often referred to as toys because they look more like toys. However, you can rename them. “sensory gadgets”Or “concentration tools.”

However, there are some fidget toys that can be considered toys in their truest form. To put it another way, any fidget tool that grabs your attention or requires that you focus on it is a toy. “toy.”

These toys require that you pay attention as you must keep an eye on them at all times. The fidget tool could be used in the background.

Why Would You Use Fidget Toys?

Contrary to popular belief, fidget toys are more of a distraction than a fun way to focus and less of a way to escape. Fidget toys can appear more like a distraction tool for people with ADHD.

People with ADHD have multiple things going on in their brains – to the point that there is a neurological discharge excess that requires an outlet.

All of these cerebral phenomena can lead to an individual’s implosion mentally, embarrassment and/or possible trouble with others. A fidget tool helps to drain these thoughts in the most peaceful way possible.

You don’t need a fidget toy to help burn this excess energy. You can do small activities like tapping your feet, twirling your hair, wiggling in the chair, or drumming your fingers. Fidgeting can include any small activity such as tapping feet, twirling hair, wiggling in a chair, drumming fingers, etc. However, these activities could inflict self-harm, damage the thing that’s being fidgeted with, and, most importantly, disturb or annoy others.

A fidget toy is a safer and more discreet way of catering to these fidgeting proclivities since it’s specially designed to aid with fidgeting. Fidget toys ensure that the pen meant for writing will not be damaged by clicking it too hard, the hacky bag will not be tossed around, and your tresses won’t get tangled up.

Wouldn’t a Fidget Toy Deviate Focus?

A second question most people ask is how fidget toys can help someone focus when they are focusing more on the toy. ADHD is a different way of doing things.

ADHD sufferers are unique because they have an ability to think and act differently than other people. increased tendency to multitask. This means that when their hands are busy with something, they can focus better on a task that really requires it.

Research is a common area of interest in many areas. studies have proved that fidgeting helps people with ADHD pay attention to tasks better, improve their problem-solving skills, and increase their ability to recall thoughts and past events.

Another study deduced that the fidgety behavioral tendencies adults and kids with ADHD exhibit could be conscious efforts to boost alertness. The improvement in focus and concentration, however, varies between individuals.

Though multitasking can eventually cause a decline in one’s motor and memory skills, it works for the better at times. For instance, some people write orStudy better while listening to music on the side. Music would make their brains more active and restless. Music would be distracting for most people with ADHD.

The 9 Best Fidget Toys Designed for Adults

Now that you understand what fidget toys are and the role that they play, let’s take a detailed look at some of the best fidget toys for adults.

1. MAGTIMES Rainbow Anti Anxiety Fidget Spinner

A fidget spinner needs no introduction. For a while, it has been a craze on the Internet. Though it’s not as widespread in popular culture as before, it still serves a solid purpose. Fidget spinners can be used for fidgeting. These spinners can be used to spin on a table or in your hand for several minutes.

Small bearings are used to keep fidget spinners moving. The spinners are high-quality and come with multiple bearings. bearings, which means smoother and more spins. When you first start using the spinner, it may not spin up to its potential since it’s brand-new and needs some breaking in. However, once that phase passes, the spins would smoothen.

Different companies make and sell fidget spinners. Make sure you buy one that’s high-quality. Since there aren’t truly reputed or established names making fidget spinners, it’s important you buy one that has got relatively good feedback from its past buyers, such as the one Magtimes has to offer. If you fancy something less flashy, check out this stealthy piece from Drowse Buster.

2. Thumbs Up UK Fidget Pen 

As an adult with ADHD, you would certainly not want to be messing around with a toy – particularly if you are within a business environment. You need a fidget toy that can actually be a work tool, too, such as a fidget pen.

There are not a lot of solid fidget pens that do both – actually write and also let you fidget with. The Fidget Pen by Thumbs Up UK marries the two functions seamlessly. The fidgeting sounds it makes are not loud to the point of annoyance. However, they are clicky enough to feel satisfying.

It is a ballpoint pen that packs in different tactile features, which include switches, sliders, twisters, and clickers. Measuring approximately five inches in length, it’s a great pen to write with as well. How you end up playing with the pen is totally up to you. Since there are different things the pen can do, you may have to get used to its various attributes. Once you become familiar, the pen can be quite fun.

3. Mobii Fidget Ball 

The fidget ball is not your traditional ball, both in looks and feel. It is basically a series of interlinked rings creating the silhouette of a ball. The rough ball outline, in fact, makes it ideal for fidgeting. The loops are designed in a way to facilitate infinite play.

This fidget ball by Mobii is pretty small, with a diameter of less than an inch (under 2.5cm). If you’d like bigger versions, you’ve got them as options too.

The ball can be washed with water and soap if the ball gets stiff or dirty. The washed ball can be dried thoroughly using a soft cloth. Thanks to the shape and size, the ball is pretty discreet in your hands. You can easily carry it around in your pockets, keep it in your car, etc. Buy multiples of them and keep them in different places you frequent so that you have one handy at all times.

If you want a ball that looks more conventional, check out the Rainbow Ball by Cuber Speed. The ball has a smooth, round surface with 11 colorful small balls within and 12 holes. You can press on the balls with your fingers to push them to different holes.

The objective is to get the colored balls to their respective holes. This has the underpinning of a Rubik’s cube but comes in a completely fresh avatar. If you’d like to buy a Rubik’s cube too, this one by Winning Moves is a solid offering.

4. Antsy Labs Fidget Cube 

A fidget cube has six sides – each having interactive elements of their own. You are, therefore, highly unlikely to get bored with a particular repetitive motion. Turning the cube on its sides using your fingers could be quite satisfying as well.

Note that when rolling the cube, the protrusions on the various sides could feel hindering initially. However, it should become second nature once you use it continually over a period.

When looking for a fidget cube, make sure it’s well-built, fairly compact, and has unique elements on all its sides. There are some cubes that may have two or more sides sharing the same interactive element. Also, the tactile sensation should be on point, for it to feel satisfying enough. The fidget cube by Antsy Labs fits the bill perfectly.

5. Roller Chain by Tom’s Fidgets

This roller chain by Tom’s Fidgets is a great toy for quiet and unobtrusive fidgeting. You may fiddle away beneath a conference table, such as this Lorell table, during a meeting without letting anyone know about it. The small, silicone-made rings do not make even a slight whisper when you’re slipping the chain away and twisting it around. Close to an inch in diameter, the sensation the rings evoke when you touch them is sedately tactile.

Besides offices and workplaces, you can also use the roller chain in public places to relieve your social tensions. It fosters positive feelings and focus, helping alleviate your anxiety and offer enjoyment. If you have trouble staying focused on things, this roller chain can be your practice ground to build the same. The links are made of high-quality stainless steel, which means the chain would not break or crack even after years of fidgeting.

6. X Hot Popcorn Bean Keychain 

If you need something that blends in well with the accessories you carry to your office or school and is not a separate accessory by itself, this keychain set by X Hot Popcorn is your solution. Unlike standalone stress balls, it’s not unwieldy to carry since the balls (shaped to look like beans) are a part of the ensemble. The set condenses all the positives attached to a stress ball in a totally portable package.

It functions and feels just like a stress ball. However, instead of pressing the balls against your palms, you would be squeezing on the beans with your fingers. When you squeeze on the pods, the bean-like balls pop out. Squeeze the popped-out balls, and they would go into their pods. And since the beans are attached, you need not worry about them rolling across a table or desk.

The small beans have cute little faces painted on them, which may bring a smile on your face and enhance your mood. Not to mention, the keyring could be hooked on to your briefcase, belt, or purse, so that it doesn’t get lost or misplaced when not in use. Unlike other fidget toys, this one is less discreet. So, be prepared to answer a few questions that your curious colleagues may come up with.

7. Puffer Ball by Curious Minds Busy Bags

A puffer/sensory ball is a small plastic/rubber ball that you can hold, toss, and squeeze. It has soft spikes all around that evoke your senses without feeling too prickly. The stimulation effect is created by both the toy’s “squeezability” and its exterior surface.

Besides offering you the right level of sensory input and calming your nervous system, the ball also helps strengthen your hand muscles and build finger dexterity and fine motor skills.

The ball comes in solid colors or two-tone hues. Besides squeezing, you can also play throw and catch with it when you’re feeling bored at work or during breaks. This self-regulation tool also helps promote your concentration and focus levels and keeps your fingers busy so that you can remain still while seated.

8. J. C. Walsh Connemara Worry Stone 

A worry stone is a smooth, marble-like stone that you can place between your fingers and rub on. The stone has an indentation for your thumb, which helps grip the thing. Thanks to that minor scoop, the stone is easy to handle for long time periods, and you are also highly unlikely to drop it. Unlike the majority of fidget toys on this list, a worry stone’s texture is fairly smooth.

Made of Connemara marble, the stone comes in different colors and shapes or indents, such as convex and concave. There are variances in patterns as well. When you buy these stones online, you are likely to get a stone that’s not necessarily identical to the stone shown in the image of the e-commerce listing, as these are natural stones.

9. Top Chi Baoding Balls 

Baoding balls are basic metal balls. These have their roots in Chinese tradition and are great for stress relief. You just need to rotate the balls in your hand to derive the benefits. Not to mention, rotating two balls using one hand amounts to a unique hand movement since it necessitates fine motor control and mental focus. These balls also have a reflective, visually stimulating surface.

The two balls come in a carrying pouch so that you can stow them safely and also easily carry them around. Moreover, the carrying pouch has separate compartments so that the balls don’t come in contact with each other in the bag and not scuff each other. Because they are made of metal and are just under a pound each (under 0.45 kg), they are not too heavy yet substantial enough to give your fingers a workout.

How to Find the Right Fidget Toy?

Fidget toys usually don’t work the same way for everyone. In fact, even the most popular ones may not grab some people’s fancy. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut method to ascertain the right fidget toy for you. You will have to, therefore, experiment with a few before you can zero in on the right one.

Before you roll, there are a couple of things you should consider:

  • The type of stimulation ideal for you
  • Where and how you’re going to use the toy

If you are someone who usually fidgets using your fingers, such as desk-tapping, look for a fidget toy that facilitates fine motor movements. If you habitually clench your fists, a squeezable toy will serve you better.

If you are considering using the toy in a professional setup, such as a classroom or an office, you should account for the distraction factor too. Most educational institutions and even some offices ban fidget spinners since they could be quite disturbing. Besides making noise, the ones that light up could be a visual annoyance too. Most people with ADHD, therefore, use different fidget toys for public and private use.


As mentioned before, getting hold of a fidget toy that actually helps could require some experimentation. Besides looking for a toy that looks and feels the part, make sure it also is involuntary and quiet. Activities done with squeeze toys, worry stones, fidget cubes, etc. fade in the background so that you could pay attention to any task that you actually need to focus on.

Besides using fidget toys, taking small breaks regularly can also help release energy. A snack or a walk could help boost your ability to focus on a task after you return. In fact, it’s recommended you use fidget toys in conjunction with some of these other techniques to optimally deal with your excess energy.

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