Barbies vs. Bratz: The Movie Edition

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Children love excitement, and are eager to discover new things in their world. Toys are a favorite pastime of children: action figures and dolls, cars, and even cars. Playdough. They love it all. Sometimes, a company will make movies or tv programs about a particular trend. 

Two of those movie franchises are Bratz Barbies. These were my two favorite movies as a child. From the age of four to eight years, I saw almost all the movies from both franchises. They were my life, and my reason to be alive. And now, I’m going to discuss my favorites. 

Best Barbie Movie:

Barbie in The Twelve Dancing Princesses

This movie was a highlight of my childhood. This movie was for me my favorite movie for many months. 

It has magic, dancing, and beautiful dresses. A group of sisters come together to save their father. The twelve sisters, led by Princess Genevieve, fall into a new world in which they can hide from their father’s wicked cousin. They work together to save their father and restore their family’s health after he falls ill. 

My favorite part about this movie would most likely be the scene where the sisters’ first discover the magic steps in their room. I’m sure it’s cliche to say that’s my favorite scene, however it’s just simply a great moment. I love watching as Genevieve moves from stone to stone, and the excitement on each sisters’ face as the stone’s light up. It’s a magical moment. 

Best Bratz Movie:

Bratz Kidz: Fairy Tales

My BratzPhase was a brief-lived experience that was still enjoyable. 

In Bratz Kidz Fairy TalesThe talking frog, which introduces itself to the main characters is called “Talking Frog”. Chloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin are transported into a fairy tale book and doomed to be there forever, unless they’re able to live happy endings in each of their stories. 

This movie is full of fairy tales, and I love it. These are just some of the major fairy stories that shaped my childhood. 


Both of these franchises have a special place in my heart, and to be honest I can’t compare them. They’re from two different phases of my life and each had their own input on my developing personality. Whether it’s Barbie in The Twelve Dancing Princesses Or Bratz Kidz: Fairy Tales, Both can offer children an opportunity to discover new worlds. 

Source: Barbies vs. Bratz: The Movie Edition

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