10 JoJo’s Bizarre and Adventure Figures You Can Get Right Now

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Hirohiko Ariaki’s vibrant character designs, dynamic poses, creative action sequences and colorful characters are well-known. You can show your love by purchasing merchandise.

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Figures are special because they embody a character’s essence and recreate their iconic poses. There are many options. Jojo’s Bizarre AdventureThere are many action figures available, as well large fixed-pose statues. They are all well worth the money. They have the same aura and appeal as Stands but fans may feel overwhelmed by their sheer variety.

10 Killer Queen’s Unique Design Is Captured In A Medicos Statue

Killer Queen is Part 4’s antagonist Kira Yoshikage. This stand is unique in design, and instantly recognisable due to feline characteristics. Fans can display Killer Queen with a 6.2-inch tall statue by Medicos. The PVC figurine will not fade or crack.

Fans can pose Killer Queen as they like and recreate favorite fight scenes from the series, thanks to the figure’s ability to move its joints. A miniature Stray Cat can also be included with the figure, which can be placed inside Killer Queen’s abdomen.

9 Aoshima’s Dynamic Gyro Statue Is Perfect for Steel Ball Run Fans

Part 7’s most beloved character is Gyro Zepelli Steel Ball Run. The unique design of Gyro instantly attracted fans’ attention. Many figurines portray his likeness. But none of them compare with Aoshima’s statue showing him riding Valkyrie on his horse.

This dynamic statue measures 10 inches high and is the perfect addition to any home. Steel Ball Run fan’s collection. The figurine almost looks like it was pulled from a manga with the addition of kanji.

8 The Medicos Choozokado Jolyne Figurine Has As Much Color As It Is Posable

Jolyne was a star in the role of the protagonist Stone Ocean. She was the series’ first female protagonist and the daughter Jotaro, the flagship protagonist. She quickly became a fan favorite due to her unique fashion sense, snappy personality, and distinctive fashion sense.

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This highly posable figure is from Medicos’ Chozokado Collection will allow Jolyne to be kept on the shelf. The figurine measures 6 inches high and will stand out in any collection. It also includes two faces, different hand poses and parts that are reminiscent of Stone Free’s abilities. To complete the set, you can also purchase the Stone Free figure from the same collection.

7 This set by Medicos features Joseph Joestar and Iggy.

Stardust CrusadersThe most popular part Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The Joestar team’s journey to Egypt has become one the most beloved stories in anime. Joseph Joestar wasn’t the protagonist, but he played a significant role in the story. Iggy was introduced later. However, he quickly became a favorite character thanks to his charming appearance as well as his antagonistic personality.

This set is part of the Medicos Chozokado Collection and can be kept. Fans can pose Iggy to their liking, even though Iggy isn’t posable.

6 Banpresto’s Majestic DIO Statue is Just Too Cool to Pass Up

DIO is the series’ antagonist. But it’s not hard to see how DIO’s sense and style are unmatched by any other character. Part 1’s Diobrando looks quite different from the time-freezing monster seen in Part 3.

Part 3 featured DIO as a supervillain, but with a vampiric twist. Fans can purchase this Banpresto statue to carry on the legacy of DIO. The statue is 10.5 inches in height and embodies the vampire’s unquestionable menacing presence.

5 The Medicos Medicos Kings Crimson Action Figur is a standout due to its bright red coloring, dynamic poses potential, and dynamic poses

King Crimson, the terrifying antagonist of Part 5’s Stand of Doppio, is King Crimson. Its abilities are complex and difficult to comprehend, but everyone recognizes its strength. It’s the most powerful stand in the series.

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This Stand comes with a highly posable, colorful action figurine from Medicos. Its body is mostly made of silver or gray, but the red and white details set it apart from other figures. Its articulated joints make it easy for you to recreate your favorite scenes and create dynamic poses.

4 Medicos Created Volume 4’s Cover With This Bust Statue Of Joestar

Jojo’s Bizarre AdventureMany manga covers are colorful and innovative. Sometimes Araki’s art leaps right off the manga pages into the faces of the readers. Medicos made a statue that brings the manga’s artwork alive.

The Joseph Joestar bust sculpture is nearly 10 inches high and is part the Chozoart collection. Its vibrant colors, dynamic pose and dynamic pose perfectly replicate Volume 4’s manga covers. It’s extremely realistic and shows how much care was taken to create this statue in the Part 2 protagonist’s likeness.

3 Statue Legend recreated a scene in the Anime with this Statue of Oingo & Boingo

Oingo, Boingo, and the other villains were some of the most memorable in the series. They are both hilariously weak and have the worst luck. The sibling duo has a natural talent for getting in over their heads.

Statue Legend made a statue of the couple in the anime style, based on an anime scene. With this statue of Boingo nervously hugging Oingo’s legs, fans can now immortalize this ever-unlucky duo on shelves. It’s ideal for the most passionate anime fans, and especially for those who love the memes that come from the anime.

2 Jotaro Figure of Medicos recreates His Iconic Pose From Part 3

Jotaro Kujo figurines are plentiful. It’s obvious that Jotaro Kujo is the protagonist of Part 3 as well as the series’ main character. Jojo’sFan would love to see something modeled after him in their collection.

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This statue by Medicos depicts Jotaro in the Clint Eastwood-inspired pose. It brings Jotaro alive with its vibrant color and fluid movement of his clothes. Fans don’t have to recreate his iconic pose because his limbs can articulate. They are free to display him as they wish.

1 Giorno Giovanna’s Nendoroid Is Adorable & Easy To Pose

Nendoroids are an anime figurine that is very popular. They are adorable, customizable and fun to pose. Some fans even enjoy making outfits for their favorite characters. Giorno Giovanna’s Nendoroid is one of the most loved.

Giorno’s personality is captured by this tiny figurine. Although it is small, it still displays Giorno’s fierceness. He can hold it with three plates. It also comes with a visual effect piece, which was inspired by the Stand, Gold Experience, so that fans can recreate their favorite fight scenes. Jojo’s Nendoroid.

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