10 Coolest Beyblades From The Anime Ranked

BeybladeThis anime series was made to sell anime. toys. The creators wanted to make sure the Beyblades used to Beybattle in this series looked cool.

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They succeeded, and there are so many amazing Beyblades that it is difficult to choose a favorite. Here are the top 10 coolest Beyblades in anime, ranked.

10 Hopper Attack MS

Kenny’s Hopper Attack is a really fun Beyblade that feels super 90s in its color scheme and design. The interior of the lime green circle seems to reflect every little boy’s favorite color. The silver edges have a jagged red design that feels very appropriate. Hopper Attack is enhanced in its ability to attack other Beyblades by having a metal spring around the jagged edges.

9 Dragoon MS Ultimate Version

It’s probably some kind of blasphemy that Tyson Granger’s Beyblade is near the bottom of this list considering that he’s the main character of the series.

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Dragoon MS Ultimate Version is now available It isThis is a cool Beyblade. It is exactly what the protagonist needs. It has a red and blue color scheme, which are colors pretty often associated with superheroes, and the arrow motif is really fun, like it’s an instruction manual for how to use it.

8Strata Dragoon, MS

Thanks to its fun design, this is another fun Beyblade. It almost looks like something you might find inside a book. Gundamseries. It is distinguished by its purple and red color motif. It also has a cool gear-like design that’s made of shiny silver metal. It’s definitely a more pared-down version of the Strata Dragoon G when it comes to colors, which just makes it look more sleek and impressive.

7 Dranzer MS

Kai’s Dranzer MS Beyblade is definitely his coolest. The focus on balance for this one gives it a totally different look from other Beyblades since they’re focused mostly on offense.

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Because it doesn’t need to have weaponry, it can have a more round shape that’s more straightforwardly about the spin. The color scheme is superhero-esque, and includes blues reds and yellows as well as a cool dragon motif.

6 Draciel MS

Max Tate’s Draciel MS seems like a little boy’s dream toy. It features a Draciel emblem on the center and a color scheme of green-and-red. The grey and red spikes make it look almost like it’s robotic, which is a fun difference from some of the other Beyblades, and it’s definitely something that would look really cool to whip out for a Beybattle.

5Wolborg 4

Wolborg 4 definitely has one of the sillier names of a Beyblade, but it’s also a bad-guy Beyblade, and, if there’s one rule that always seems to be true, it’s that bad guys’ weapons are usually cooler than good guys’ weapons. Wolborg4 doesn’t seem to be an exception.

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The colors are fun, particularly since it’s mostly silver with just splashes of color, but the spiky design is what makes this really awesome; it makes it look like a really dangerous thing to come up against in a Beybattle.

4 Super Hyperion Xceed 1A

Super Hyperion Xceed 1A is already an amazing name, so that already makes it seem like it’s pretty cool. But what is the real deal? Take a lookThe Beyblade looks so extravagant when compared to other Beyblades from this series. It’s also way cooler than most of the others. It’s got an awesome whirlpool design. The red, orange, and gold color scheme makes it look like it’s on fire, which, along with the blue center, makes it look like the Beyblade Iron Man would choose for a Beybattle.

3 King Helios Zone 1B

Like Super Hyperion Xceed 1A, King Helios Zone 1B has an amazing name that’s completely dramatic compared to some of the less descriptive Beyblade names. And it’s not going to be upstaged by its name alone, as the Beyblade has so much going on.

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It’s one of the most chaotically-designed Beyblades for sure, with a pretty simple color scheme of red, blue, and orange, but with so much going onIt is possible to do the reverse. There are flames, spikes and a cool swirl motif. This one was truly a show-stopper.

2 Driger MS

Compared to Super Hyperion Xceed 1A and King Helios Zone 1B, Driger MS is a pretty mellow and straightforward Beyblade—but that’s part of what makes it so cool. There’s nothing that comes across as more awesome and dangerous than a red, black, and silver color scheme; it makes anyone look ready to go to battle at any time. The Driger symbol in the middle makes it look like this belongs to someone in a motorcycle gang, and it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

1Bloody Longinus 13 Jolt

Bloody Longinus13 Jolt takes us back to a Beyblade with an amazing, evocative and beautiful name as well as an amazing design. Bloody Longinus doesn’t look anything like any other Beyblade. It’s got an amazing golden dragon with red eyes in the center, with a cool dragon motif along the edges, so that it looks like the dragon is flying as it spins. It’s definitely not a Beyblade that would be easy to defeat, and that definitely shows in its design.

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